My son ordered parts for a sickle mower restore he's doing. He needed a bunch of little stuff. He was whining that rivets were $10 for a bag. He sent me a text when he got his package. He called me to tell me GFP sent one rivet. I laughed. I said whoever packed it didn't know it was suppose to be a bag and didn't know the price of rivets. He was coming unglued, he wanted his rivets. I told him to just call and tell them and they would take care of it. He did and they did. The rivets were here in a couple days, they even drew a little thank you picture on the outside of the box.

I get there will be mistakes from time to time. I'm glad GFP was able to fix it quickly. Now if they could get him to get it out of my shop, that would help too.

Thanks GFP!