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Thread: New Member. Just found this site.

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    Red face New Member. Just found this site.

    Hello to all. I just found and joined this site. I have a 1971 140H3 14hp John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractor, a Scotts (built by Deere) 16/42 Lawn Mower, and have just purchased a new LA175 John Deere Lawn Mower.
    I plan to sell the Scotts and possibly restore the 140.
    I am a guy who thinks that all lawn and garden tractors as well as farm machinery should be painted green. I do have a preference of Yellow paint (Cat Yellow) for anything larger. I guess spending my life working for a Caterpillar Dealer give me that opinion. Don't mean to offend anyone. Hope to learn and share information on this site.

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    Paul, You'd have to try A LOT harder than that to offend anyone 'round here!

    -John Deere 3720 Deluxe Cab TLB
    FEL, MMM, Artillian 42" Forks and Modular Grapple, I-Match, Ballast Box, and lots of other STUFF.
    -John Deere 455 w/60" MMM

    Bolt on Grab Hooks and other cool stuff are now for sale!!

    Visit our YouTube Channel

    My Equipment:
    John Deere 3720 Deluxe Cab, 300cx FEL, 366 Front Blade, 59" Front Snowblower, Ballast Box
    Artillian 3K Forks, Grapple, Front-Hoe Bucket
    John Deere 455, 60" MMM

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    Welcome, Paul!

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    Hey Paul!

    Well, I've posted pictures of my orange Kubota and didn't get too much hate mail...

    Now I will warn you that if you get up to 50 or so post and have yet to post a picture of any of your tractors, some folks around here might get grumpy. I won't mention names, just watch out for those upper midwest types, they can really badger you.

    OK on the CAT history. Our main fire engine just got rebuilt by our local CAT dealer, they did a great job. Fuel pump leak got diesel in the oil. I'd been pushing for UOA for years, I think now it's going to happen every year.

    Good luck on the restoration efforts. That last winter I took the skin of my 318, replaced the 20 year old fuel line, and gave things a good going over.

    '09 JD4520 Cab (60HP), '97 KubotaB21 TLB (21HP), 400cx loader, MX6 rotary mower, SB1106 6' Sickle Bar, BB3272 6' box blade, GradeMaster 7' Landplane, Frontier AF11E Front Blade, 4' Pallet Forks, 6' landscape rake, ballast box, Woods GTC 40" tiller, PHD 9" auger, 4' x 8' chain harrow, '16 X755 (23HP Diesel) w/front PTO, 60" deck, 72" front blade, '90 JD318 (18HP gas) with 48" MM mower, 54" front blade, 47" snowblower.
    Volunteer Firefighter.

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    Welcome to the "Yellow Wheel Club". We are looking forward to hearing more about you and your machines.

    Pete, I think you'll have to be more specific.
    Randy __________________________________________________ ___ Be Safe!

    2009 - 2305 w/62 MMM **** 2008 - 2520 w/72 MMM **** 200CX w/49 bucket
    Weight Box w/extension ***** LandPride RTR 1558 Tiller ******* 54 Snow blower
    60 Gallon Demco Sprayer *** 60 Broom ** BB2060 Box Blade**SS2036B Spreader
    Everything Attachments ETA-PluggerV2-60 Aerator

    The more I learn, the less I know.

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    welcome to the site Paul, you will find many great resources here, as well as many great people
    John Deere x320
    48" xtra cutting system
    44" front blade w/ angle kit

    John Deere 455
    60" commercial deck
    54" plow

    John Deere 4720
    400CX Loader
    Frontier Loader Mounted Snow Plow
    12.5 FT Frontier Hitch Mounted Finish Mower

    John Deere 332D Skidsteer

    Mowers Only: John Deere 1545, John Deere Z925A MOD

    Work Horses:625I Gator, Gator 855D
    With the gatorpal pressure washer, and Powertach snowblade, poly roof/ windshield

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennyd View Post

    Paul, You'd have to try A LOT harder than that to offend anyone 'round here!
    Yeah, this is one more laid back site. As Pete said, they only get on when you don't post pictures.

    You'll enjoy the company here.
    2013 JD 4520 CUT with 400X FEL
    1942 LA John Deere
    1910 John Deere Freight Wagon (restored)
    1946 John Deere Series 300 two disk plow

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    Welcome Paul,restore projects are some of the most interesting, glad you found DT. Sharing pictures about your other intrests are welcome too.

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