Green Tractor Talk's $100 Stihl Gift Certificate Giveaway ending July 21, 2012
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Thread: Green Tractor Talk's $100 Stihl Gift Certificate Giveaway ending July 21, 2012

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    Green Tractor Talk's $100 Stihl Gift Certificate Giveaway ending July 21, 2012

    Stihl has very generously given us a $100 Gift Certificate for this giveaway This certificate can be used towards any purchase (inclusive of taxes) of any Stihl merchandise at any authorized Stihl Dealer. A huge thank you to Stihl for supporting our site!

    Please visit Stihl's website to look over all of your options of equipment or accessories. STIHL

    You can also visit the Stihl Facebook site for information on products and interact with other Stihl fans.!/stihlusa

    GTT would like to thank its members for their dedication and support of the site. We also have another Stihl Giveaway coming in the future to reward our members for the support. This giveaway will be a drawing. The giveaway starts today and the drawing will be held on July 21st 2012. To be in entered in the drawing you must be a member of GTT.

    You can get in the drawing up to two times, once for each task.
    1. Post in this thread and tell us what products you own that are Stihl, what products you would like to buy that are Stihl, and what you would possibly use the gift certificate for.
    2. Like the Stihl Facebook site and post here letting us know you did with the date and time. Not necessary, but if you would post "Thank you for the gift certificate at Green Tractor Talk" on their wall it would be very nice.

    Good Luck!

    Thank you again to Stihl for supporting our site and this Giveaway. Lets have fun with this contest!

    Thank you,

    Brian, KennyD, Tech Guy, Dellwas, dieselshadow, glc, RRMCCABE, & T-Mo


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    Stihl products I own

    Wow I like stihl products as much as anything I own...John Deere, makita, stihl...all very good companies. As for me I own 2 weed is the new 4stroke, a 2 stroke edger, a 2 stroke hedger, 2 different model chainsaws, a newer (last year) back pack blower, a smaller handheld blower, and something I didn't even know they had.......a really nice shop vac that I bought at dealer days about 2 months ago. I like all the equipment they make...they are the best...I think. Would love to win, but not sure what I would buy from stihl.....but whatever it is, it would be of good quality.

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    Awesome giveaway prize. Thanks GTT, and Stihl!

    I've got an FS90 trimmer, an MS361 saw and an 064AV saw. If I were to win the gift certificate, I would add a HT131 pole pruner. I've wanted one for a while now, just haven't followed through with the purchase yet.

    Too bad I don't have Facebook. Maybe this one entry will do it!

    Your mileage may vary.

    JD 6410
    Some other stuff

    YouTube- Life in Wyoming

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    I liked there Facebook page. July 1, 2012 at 11:19am.

    I also have an Stihl MS250 saw and a Stihl FS40 weed trimmer.
    If I win I would probably add a pole pruner to my collection of great Stihl products.
    Last edited by JD230511; 07-01-2012 at 10:54 AM.
    2012 John Deere 2320
    62D Mid Mount Mower
    200cx Loader
    60" King Kutter rear blade
    King Kutter Middle Buster
    5' County Line Box Blade
    Homemade 3PH Trailer Mover
    Home Made Drag

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    Just posted a thank you on STIHL's facebook page @ 8:26 am 7/1/12.
    Lest see, I have a STIHL MS290 with a 25" bar, STIHL chaps, work helmet, and ear muffs.
    Absolutely love my MS290, its one sweet saw and has got a LOT of work done for me.
    I would love to get an bigger saw (more power but same 25" bar) but am limited in the financial department right now.
    I would likely get another pair of ear muffs or another 25" bar for my Dad's MS290, he does a lot for me and I would love to get him a bigger bar and some new muffs.
    2004 John Deere 317
    66" bucket, forks, imatch adapter plate, Bobcat 72" Landplane, 60" 4 in 1 tooth bucket
    2005 John Deere L118
    42" deck, bagger
    2004 Bobcat 430
    4 buckets, brush rake, ripper, concrete breaker

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    I have a stihl 017 chainsaw. Would like to buy a stihl string trimer/ brush cutter.

    2011 1026R / H120 / 60D auto-connect, independent-lift mmm / 54" snowblower / 4' KK Pro rotary mower / KK 4' tiller

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    As of right now I don't have any Stihl products but I would definitely get one of their chain saws. I also 'liked' their facebook page at 2:44pm on 7/1/2012. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    This may take a while.

    At my parents' house is the Farmboss my dad bought back in 1974. It still gets used to trim fallen branches and occasionally cut firewood.

    I bought my first Stihl product in 1997 when my wife and I moved into our house and we needed something to clear trees and cut firewood. That was a 026 Pro and it still runs beautifully and gets frequent use.

    A few years later I bought a FS55 trimmer after wasting money on several lesser brands. The trimmer works great now that I learned how to use it and keep the string in water.

    Sometime around 2000 I bought a HT70 Pro polesaw. That baby is the ultimate long-range tree limb killer! It is one of those tools that when you need it, nothing else will do.

    Last year I picked up a KM 130R powerhead and the tiller attachment for use in my garden. My neighbor tried to talk me into selling him the FS55 and just getting the trimmer attachment for the KM 130R, but I like the FS55 too much to get rid of it.

    I also have a Stihl 6035-1 helmet with the face shield and ear muffs for use when cutting trees or running the trimmer and polesaw.

    Last year I picked up the Stihl chainsaw chaps because I was working on a job removing logs for firewood and it was a requirement to have them. I am glad I did because you can never be too safe around chainsaws. I really should have purchased them years ago.

    If I won the gift certificate I'd put it towards one of the arborist saws. Either the MS192 or MS201. I have been wanting one for a few years.
    Andy B.

    1966 110 Lawn Tractor
    2012 2520 - DELIVERED 27APR2012!!!

    Tractor that I used to own - 1954 40 Utility

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    Great prize from a great power equipment company. Here's the Stihl stuff I own:
    018C chainsaw 14" (a virgin - bought it off CL)
    032AV chainsaw 16" (retired, but still cuts strong)
    064AV chainsaw with 24"(.404) bar and 36" (.375) bar
    MS 361 chainsaw 20"
    FS80 trimmer (early 80's model with the tillotson carb, looking for parts)
    KM 130R Kombi power head
    FS KM Kombi string trimmer
    FH KM Kombi scythe
    HT 131 pole pruner
    Stihl chaps and ear muffs.

    What would I buy ... MS 201T and/or MSA 160 (battery chainsaw).
    Can you guess, I really like Stihl ... and JD too .

    2011 1026R/R4's -- H120 FEL/49" -- 260 BH/12" -- Bro-Tek Ripper -- Artillian Forks/42" -- 244 lbs JD Rear Wheel Weights -- KBOH Hooks and Clevis' --
    Block heater -- 180* T-stat -- Evans HP Waterless Coolant

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    I don't any of the Stihl products but have lusted after my uncle's chain saw many times. If I won I'd probably buy a chain saw.

    Posted on their website July 2, 2:01 a.m.
    2013 JD 4520 CUT with 400X FEL
    1942 LA John Deere
    1910 John Deere Freight Wagon (restored)
    1946 John Deere Series 300 two disk plow

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