Thank you to the GTT Moderators for the work on the forum!
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Thread: Thank you to the GTT Moderators for the work on the forum!

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    Thank you to the GTT Moderators for the work on the forum!

    Over the past week the week the GTT Moderators have been working on making our site better for everyone and making sure everyone feels they have a place here. Step one of our adventure was to put meaningful descriptions on all of the forums. Many times people ask where to post items and we hope our descriptions make it a bit clearer.

    We did add Land Ownership to our Landscaping and Lawn Care section. Many have asked for a place to discuss these items and we feel it will fit right in that forum.

    We are also working on sorting out our sub-compact and compact tractors and including good descriptions. That solution will roll out in the near future.

    We thank you for all the support everyone gives us and we hope we are providing you with a great forum.

    Thank you again to all the Moderators for their work in putting this together!


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    A big thanks to you and Ken as well! You all do an excellent job! Great to see you guys respond to criticism so well, what makes this the best tractor forum on the web
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    Myself, I like to thank Brian and Kenny for having a vision and carrying it out. A lot of us have visions, but not enough nerve or gumption to see it through. Kudos to Brian and Kenny.

    I also like to thank my fellow moderators as well. Great job guys and allowing me to be part of it.

    Lastly, but not least, to our membership here. A great bunch of guys who have shown patience, willingness to help with their knowledge and expertise, and for making this a great site. I would like to give you guys a thumbs up.

    Man, I sound like an Emmy or Oscar winner, don't I?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martian View Post
    A big thanks to you and Ken as well! You all do an excellent job! Great to see you guys respond to criticism so well, what makes this the best tractor forum on the web
    Well said, sir. I agree completely.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    I have said this before on here, but all of you guys do a terrific job. I can't imagine the amount of time you all put in putting out excellent information. I have to admit that I read most all of the new posts daily. I can't sleep at night if I have "unread posts" under my sign-in. My wife thinks I am nuts (probably correct), for all the time I spend reading GTT. Thanks again to all of you. Thanks also to all the members for their participation and information. I have been on here for 17 or 18 months and the number of members has increased tremendously.


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    Thumbs up Thank You

    Boy, all the good things have been said already. Nothing left for me to do but thank everyone for their kind words. The members are super great here and I feel amongst good friends when I'm here on the forum.

    Kenny, Brian, and Gary deserve a big thanks for making this place what it is. They are the ones who have built this place and keep the wheels greased behind the scenes.
    - Jason Rules, Policies, and Terms of Use

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    Thumbs up

    I agree as well. I like how this forum is run.
    Andy B.

    1966 110 Lawn Tractor
    2012 2520 - DELIVERED 27APR2012!!!

    Tractor that I used to own - 1954 40 Utility

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    I agree wholeheartedly with Don and with Andy B.

    This IS a good forum!
    Ralph T
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    My hat's off to the entire GTT staff. I barely have enough time in a day to read all the new posts, I don't know how you guys do it AND reply to every post in some way either by a solution or suggestion or welcome. With GTT's increase in popularity, I'm sure it takes more time every day.

    I have a lot of hobbies and interests, but GTT is such a nice and informative place, it is the only forum that I read every new post and actively post on. I've lurked on other forums and was immediately turned off by how often newbies were chastized for not "using the search function" for asking either a basic or repeat question... like they were wasting everyone's time . I've never seen it on GTT, quite the opposite, links are happily given to previous threads that address the question at hand. That is only one of the reasons why I stay here.

    Keep up the good work, and Thank You All.

    2011 1026R/R4's -- H120 FEL/49" -- 260 BH/12" -- Bro-Tek Ripper -- Artillian Forks/42" -- 244 lbs JD Rear Wheel Weights -- KBOH Hooks and Clevis' --
    Block heater -- 180* T-stat -- Evans HP Waterless Coolant

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    I echo Tomfive's thoughts. I left a long membership with another tractor forum that was failing (in my estimation) due to very poor moderation which was causing major distractions amongst the membership. I really appreciate the tone of this forum and how well the Moderators keep it running. I've found all my contact with this site friendly and most helpful and I hope to add positive content as well in the future.

    Thanks to all, and keep up the good GREEN work!

    2013(12) 1026r TLB 54 QH front blade, 54D Auto Connect deck, ballast box, carryall

    '04 GX335, 48C, Johnny Bucket Jr., PowerFlow W/7bu. bagger, 42 snow blower, 48 Plow, JD front dethatcher, 10 Cart, Little-Brown Henway, Stihl 026P/20", Stihl 241/16", Stihl BG 85 blower, Stihl KombiMotor 110 w/string trimmer/brush cutter/edger/pole saw/hedge trimmer, Snapper 21" WB, Snapper 8/24 snow blower

    "...and visions of green CUT sugarplums dance in his head..."

    NRA Life Member

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