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Thread: Store I-match Quick Hitch on Heavy Hitch Cart?

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    Perfecting this storage solution

    I've been using the Heavy Hitch storage cart to store my I-match and 3-point arms for well over 2 years now. It is a great solution. I've observed one bit of awkwardness in the process that I've finally addressed.

    Along with the left lower arm and the top link, the right lower arm of the 3-point hitch must be disconnected at the tractor end when the 3-point hitch is to be stored. Unfortunately, the rear PTO safety shroud, when raised, has a corner that sticks down and blocks the disconnect action. The solution is to first disconnect this arm at the I-match end, then lower it so that it can clear the shroud and be disconnected at the tractor end. Then it must be reconnected at the I-match end. This arm is heavy, it has 2 appendages (the connector to the right lift arm and the anti-sway turnbuckle) which make it unwieldy, and you have to bend over to lift it. It's hard to do a safe lift while managing this piece. So after doing this many times, I decided to modify the PTO safety shroud to make this a lot easier and faster.

    Having worked many jobs involving product and workplace safety, I'm not quick to decide to modify a safety device. However, a good reason to do it is when the safety device is creating another safety hazard. And, if it can be modified without impacting its original function and durability, you can think of it differently: In its new format, it will be protecting against 2 hazards instead of just one. So I got out my hacksaw.

    Once when I was removing the right lower arm, I used a felt tip pin to mark the PTO safety shroud where I would need to cut it for the modification. If you look closely in the next picture, you can see these markings. To begin the mod, I removed the PTO safety shroud from the tractor and clamped it to my workbench. Then I used a piece of scrap wood and some clamps to mark the cut I wanted at the corner. I used a hacksaw to carefully start a shallow cut all the way across the corner.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	PTO Shield Mod 1.jpg
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    Once the shallow cut was established, I removed the guide and used an electric sabre saw (with a metal cutting blade) to finish removing the safety shroud's corner.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	PTO Shield Mod 2.jpg
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    With the corner removed, I filed and sanded everything to eliminate any sharp edges. Then I primed and painted the bare places. The safety shroud looked like this:

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	PTO Shield Mod 3.jpg
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    With the shroud back on the tractor, there is now adequate clearance to remove or install the lower right arm without touching other painted surfaces.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	PTO Shield Mod 4.jpg
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    Click image for larger version.

Name:	PTO Shield Mod 5.jpg
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    I don't believe that removing this small area of the PTO shroud impacts its strength in any way. And, I tried to put my fingers through the opening created by this mod. With the shroud in the normal (protect) position, I could not reach the PTO through the open corner. In fact, there's other structure of the tractor blocking access through this point. So I concluded that the shroud continues to perform its initial mission and now accommodates the safer method of storing the 3-point hitch.
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