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Thread: Basement door

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    Basement door

    I am working on my basement. I am getting ready to replace the existing sliding door with a pair of french doors. The slider is installed flush with the outside of the foundation. I will be framing a 2X4 wall inside. With a few inches of foam inside of an 8" concrete wall, I will have a roughly 14" thick wall between drywall and the outside of the house. So, last night, I had a thought. What if I mount the door in the interior framed wall and then trim out the opening passing through the foundation? From the inside, it will look more like an interior wall on the 1st floor. From the outside, I will have a recessed door that will reduce exposure to wind and rain. What am I missing here? What is wrong with this idea? Thoughts?

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    I'M LOST-u mean u would leave ur sliding door installed and then mount the new door inside it

    i see no bad reason to having a larger thresh hold to walk thru, but i would want the bottom to slightly elevated some, or else caulk the living heck out of it, so water can't lay their. i am not a carpenter, so i am just adding my 2 cts
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJim55 View Post
    I'M LOST-u mean u would leave ur sliding door installed and then mount the new door inside it

    i see no reason to having a larger thresh hold to walk thru, but i would want the bottom to slightly elevated some, or else caulk the living heck out of it, so water can't lay their. i am not a carpenter, so i am just adding my 2 cts
    I was wondering the same thing, if he was wanting to leave the sliding door or remove the slider and put the new door at the inside of the framework.

    If that is what you are planning, I would use something besides not treated wood. If only treated wood I would still cover that with some type of metal.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    I would worry about the drainage in the recessed area. There will need to be a proper slope and sealing in that area so that if rain or snow blow into it they have a way out of it.
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    Basement door

    There is no reason you couldn't do it. Like has been posted above, you will need a deep threshold with the proper slope that may require some custom fabrication and raise the bottom of the door creating a toe stubber of an exit unless you also do a raised floor inside. Also make sure the ground in front of the doorway slopes away from the house. It might look a bit odd from the outside as all the windows are flush with the exterior. On the inside you probably already have the deep windows, so a deep doorway won't look out of place.
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    Do you use it a lot. Do you go thru it going out or in? Is it under a porch or open. It would be easier leaving it the way it is but that's the beauty of "It's YOUR house" do what you want. I just remodeled our Master bath and pulled the tub for a huge shower with three shower heads. It was the last tub in the house. Friends told me I was crazy for taking it out I told them it's my house if the next owner wants a tub he can put one back in. Good luck.
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    But since we (I) will be doing exactly the same thing shortly.....

    I'll follow along.
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    These doors are inexpensive but made to fit one way, mounting it opposite of intended purpose first and most importantly puts the hinges on the outside, (thieves will thank you) the adjustable part on the outside where it will collect water, and the astragal (weather strip between the doors top to bottom) inside as well weather water and whatever will penetrate the door. The Brick moulding needs to be on the outside or removed (fine) and a jamb extension kit can be purchased at whatever store you bought it from to take it from the 2x4 wall to 2x6 usually around $26. The kit comes with an aluminum threshold extension and some wood jamb material. What I would do in your situation would be to remove the brick moulding, snake a 100% silicone caulk on the floor or whatever the threshold will sit on, install correct way but flush to the interior so the doors swing open to the wall and flat, add wood jamb extension and wrap in aluminum or Fypon (plastic jamb kit, google it) then nail the brick moulding to the jamb ext. Trim with white caulk any seams, sit back grab a beer, take some time and just bask in your glory knowing it will last till the house comes down.

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    If I read your post correctly you need to mount the french door in your new framed opening inside or you will not be able to swing the door leaves much past 90 degrees on opening. This is one of the draw backs of french doors over sliding doors. Other comments above about threshold issues should be carefully thought through. Any grade and prevailing exterior water issues can be ruinous later on if not well thought through ahead of time. It probably doesn't snow a lot where you are but melting snow ice has to be anticipated as well. Trim is not always just trim.
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    You can definitely setback the door, It's just going to involve alot more exterior finish work. Like a previous poster said, jam edge on the interior should be even with the Sheetrock so you can open doors all the way. Make sure you get the right foam!!!!! If you get the wrong foam, it will expand too much and push your jams toward the door.
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