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    Security camera options

    Ok I've been posting some in barns long story short I've found a small (8 acres) property with a nice 2 yr old she'd/shop on it.
    We are thinking of building on this possibly in the next few years. It is 12 miles away fro mm where we live and 5 miles from close friends. It does have 2 neighbors close but I don't know them(yet!!!)
    Looking at storing tractor, some lawn implements, small tractor implements my empnclosed snowmobile trailer in it as well as starting to finish the inside of it with wiring and insulation
    Not many small hand tools that can walk away easy
    So I'm looking at something affordable that I could install as piece of mind sort of. No internet yet but has electric
    I'm thinking maybe a couple cameras and a recording box that say records for 2-3 weeks that I can download to my computer
    A couple trail camera might work but I am thinking having something up higher that would deter stealing the cameras
    Thanks guys

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    You say "no internet yet" but can you get an Internet connection at the site?

    There are plenty of security systems out there that will record video to a DVR but you'd have to go to the site and view it to see if anything recorded. Trail cameras and such have the same sort of issue. They may catch the thief in the act but you won't know until after the fact.

    If you can get an internet connection, something like the Blink cameras would do the recording and you'd be able to get a notification (and be able to view the video) as things are happening.

    I have the Blink setups both inside and outside the house and they work great but you do need a WiFi system and Internet connection for it.
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    The first place I would start is talk to your insurance agent. After all the cameras only do so much. It is important to understand what the costs are going to be for insuring a building and stuff at a property where you are not living. A buddy recently was looking at this very prospect a couple years ago and the insurance was a deal breaker. It is one thing to insure an empty lot in the event someone was there (even trespassing) and got hurt. There isn't much to be stolen if it is an empty lot. Once there is a structure on the property it can get to be more of an issue. It is one thing where there is a living structure on it like a cabin. When it is just storage/shop, my buddy found the costs went through the roof. He was looking at an empty lot and putting a polebarn up on it and building on it later on.

    As far as what to go with, I have seen various options at Costco and Amazon where there are 4-8 cameras and a DVR. I don't think they were terribly expensive. Something like that would work for your needs. Just be sure to hide the DVR well because if they steal it along with your other stuff, then it didn't do any good. That is where the insurance would step in which is why I said you should start there.

    In the case of the property that my buddy was looking at. It is about 2 miles from where I live and maybe 3-4 miles from where he lives. There are neighbors to the property so in theory new friends right next door. Insurance didn't care how close it was to his house or any of this. I also never asked how much he shopped around. So maybe there were options but he didn't invest enough time in looking for a better price. I never asked.
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    Just food for thought in regards to the internet issue, I know a contractor friend that has a camera inside his enclosed trailer that runs off of his cell phone data plan. It only transmits when motion is detected on camera right to his phone. I believe he is using the Arlo brand camera system.
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