Rust/Clay Stains
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Thread: Rust/Clay Stains

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    Rust/Clay Stains

    We bought this house a couple of years ago. PO's had two large dogs that blazed paths around the fence perimeter and house perimeter. The result was no grass could grow next to the house. They had gutters installed but also installed the Gutter hats that allowed rainwater to flow right over the gutters and hit the ground. The slope of the roof was too steep for the Gutter Hats to be effective.
    As we have all Red Clay here in W.NC. the clay splashed against the foundation stones and dsicolored them. I tried power washing for hours to no avail.
    So after procratsinating for awhile time to get serious.

    Removed all the Gutter hats.
    Trenched and ran downspout drain pipe
    Installed edging around the House foundation
    Covered the space with weed block
    Filled the space with White Quartz gravel 3in deep x 3 feet wide. This will also keep the Vermin out of the sealed crawl space.

    Onto the Clay Staining-
    Red Clay gets it's color from very high Iron content. So found a product that would remove the Iron. Power washing would remove the loose clay but not touch the stain.
    This product is simply amazing! Spray on, wait 3 mins, power wash off. Little on the expensive side but has pretty good coverage.
    Permanent fix...onto the other projects!

    Reseeded the lawn...
    Woo Hoo!
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    I'm also in western NC and I know that rusty color well! Even my white dog is starting to look more like an Irish Setter at times.

    Bookmarking this post for future reference...
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    Thanks! I looked up the company as I have a rusty bath tub from years of hard water. I will give them a try!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscar Leroy View Post
    I'm also in western NC and I know that rusty color well! Even my white dog is starting to look more like an Irish Setter at times.

    Bookmarking this post for future reference...
    Had a similar problem with a white horse in Georgia red clay. We tried to convince folks he was a Palomino.
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    I'd love to take some of that red clay off your hands, to colour my cement! Just paid $28 for two pounds of the stuff, basically!
    JD 2520 MCUT (SOLD)

    Looking for a 3xx or 4xx restoration project (at a good price)

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    Wow. I guess Id never thought it could do that. Thats an amazing change!
    Jim B.

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