New Umbrella for the Deck - need recommendations
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Thread: New Umbrella for the Deck - need recommendations

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    New Umbrella for the Deck - need recommendations

    Our deck umbrella needs replaced. Since we've lived here, we've had the kind that you mount in a base under the patio table and it sticks up through a hole in the table top. They have been OK, but if you need to move the table for whatever reason, it's a pain to get under the table, remove the umbrella, etc.

    I've been thinking about one of the cantilevered / offset umbrellas - like this one at Menards. Do any of you have one of these types of umbrellas? Do you love it? Hate it?

    One thing I don't like is the big heavy base. It takes up a lot of room and would be hard to move. I'd like to mount it along the edge of the deck. I downloaded the assembly instructions and found this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    "C" is what the actual umbrella assembly slides over top of. From a stress standpoint, does it matter if this thing is screwed into a solid piece of wood on the deck instead of the X-shaped frame made up of "A" and "B"? I called the customer service number in the instructions and was able to talk to an English speaking person. While she was nice enough, she had no clue if this would work. She said "I guess you can do that. I don't see why not." I did find an Australian company that offers a mounting base designed to be screwed into the deck frame. I also found a few YouTube videos where people rigged up their own.

    I'm in the process of finishing redoing my deck boards, so if I'm going to go this route, I want to do it quickly so I can put some sort of mounting base into the frame members while some of the framing is still exposed.

    So, I'm looking for any experience with these offset umbrellas and would also be open to any specific brand recommendations. I'm not opposed to spending a few extra bucks on a quality umbrella.
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    Had one pretty much identical to the mount you show on the deck on our pool. You have to screw down those "X" base pieces (the "A" and "B" in your diagram). They won't keep an open umbrella upright if left free-standing.

    Our's lasted several years (7 or 8) and worked well. I mounted it differently though. I mounted a piece of 2x6 PT to the bottom side of the handrail on the deck and another below that screwed to the deck itself. I drilled a hole in the upper piece and screwed a rubber roller I had laying around to the bottom piece. The pole for the umbrella slid through the upper hole and slid over the top of the rubber roller resting on the bottom board. (I'd take pics but I tore the pool and deck down last fall!) The rubber roller piece just kept the bottom of the pole from kicking out to the side. You could probably do the same thing using a dowel.
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