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Thread: Restoring as new from John Deere?

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    If it were mine I would clean the plaque, attempt to paint the only letters etc like in the previous post.

    At that time they would likely have oiled the cast iron so that it would not rust.

    I would clear-cote everything, semi-mat finish

    Its yours! Enjoy it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimR View Post
    I don't think so. Look at the deer on it. It's a whitetail.

    The original Deere logo used an African deer that had much different antlers. They had long main beams going backwards from the head. Deere used that up until just after WWII. Post WWII they started using a whitetail deer for the logo. The antlers where changed to upright (or forward) and the individual tines are closer to the same size as the main beams.

    Also, prior to the 1950s, the deer's tail always pointed downward or straight back. Post 1950s, the deer's tail always points upward.

    Your item has one odd quirk to it though. The deer is jumping over a log as was the case in all of the old logos. But the log went away in the Deere logos in the mid-1950s.

    Deere logo in 1936:

    Attachment 686308

    Deere logo as of the Mid-1950s:

    Attachment 686310

    Note the difference in the deer's antlers and tail and the log being gone.

    It is known that Deere reproduced these in the 1980s and again in 1998. But the question that no one has ever answered is when they were originally made. A lot of people assume the 1847 date on them is the date they were made but if that is true, why don't they have the "old logo" antlers and tail that Deere used back then?

    So I'll give you *MY* personal theory on it.

    I think they were made in the late 1940s. The 1847 date is the year Deere moved to Moline IL. 1947 would have been the 100-year anniversary of that move. So they may have originally been made as a commemorative for the 100-year anniversary of the move. That would also explain it having parts of both the old and new logos since that was changing in the same time frame.
    Thanks for taking the time to explain all that.
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    Have you done anything with it yet? Personally, it would be a difficult decision for me. I'd be curious as to what they looked like originally.

    I saw the pics of both the plain and painted. Were they originally painted or not, interesting.

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