Pallet racking in pole barn
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Thread: Pallet racking in pole barn

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    Pallet racking in pole barn

    Hi, does anyone here have pallet racking? I’ve been thinking about installing this in my pole barn. The only draw back is that I have a gravel floor in it. Will this be much of an issue?

    I’m not sure about you guys, but I recently started storing my implements on pallets so that they’re easy to move around and stay a little off the ground. I do seasonal storage for people so it would be nice to be able to move. I don’t have forks yet, but was looking at the HLA forks.

    Is anyone willing to share their experience with pallet racking and storing implements on pallets? Thanks!

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    Yes, I as well as many others have done this. (Did you try searching? It's been discussed many times.)

    The gravel floor however WILL be an issue, you'll need to place the feet on some large paving stones I'd guess and make sure it's leveled and well secured to the wall so you can't pull it over.

    I just added this last year after I remodeled my PB for more storage pace:
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    I have the ones you can buy and configure from Menards and they work great. Long beams with metal deck pieces. However you could just just insert pieces of wood for implements.

    I am going to mount wheels onthem in my new shed I just have not gotten around to putting them up yet. On gravel I would just bolt 2x6’s or 2x8’s across the bottoms of the uprights and you should be good to go.

    In a Video I saw Tim use a neat way to access the top level of racks like Kenny’s. To reach the top level he sets the implement up on saw horses and boards and then flips his forks on the over frame and lifts from the saw horses to the top level. Pretty slick. (Heavier implements on the bottom, lighter on top)
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    I don't have a pole barn but I do have a pallet rack setup in my back yard behind my shed. It also sits on dirt. I put pressure treated 2"x8" boards down and set the legs on those. I also used some steel strapping to attach the uprights to the shed itself to help with tipping. The big drawback to all of this is that you just can't go very high safely. I have one set of crossbeams setup about 6" from the ground and a second at 4'. The heavy stuff (3pt snowblower, ballast box, etc..) go on the lower level and lighter things (carry all, post hole digger, etc..) go up top. And I have to go play with it 2 or 3 times a year to try and shim things so that it stay somewhat level.

    Would it be possible for you to pour concrete footers to set racking up on? That would help with stability.
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    I have one set in my pole building, and want more. I store my 7' 3pt snowblower on the top shelf in the summer, and other lesser used implements down lower. Storing implements on pallets is great and all of mine are, but you have to select good pallets and often times modify them to stabilize your implement. In the case of my snowblower it was a few 4x4 wood blocks, but I also put a strap on the pallet when I lift it up to make sure it doesn't move when I'm putting it on the racking. The pallets end up single purpose, but that's fine with me. I just mounted a post hole auger to a pallet after making a metal fixture for it last week.

    My floor is gravel, as well. I had previously ran a plate compacter on the gravel, but I still tamped the spots where the legs sat down extra hard and bought heavy solid paver blocks to put the feet on. I don't recall the actual type of block I used, but they are about 1 foot square and ~4" thick. My racking is against the outer wall, and I looped a safety chain around the posts in the wall as extra measure of safety against tipping.
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    Mine are also racks from Menards. They are heavy duty, but not as heavy duty as Kenny's. I mounted 2x4's to the bottom of each end section and then attached heavy duty locking caster wheels to the 2x4's. Naturally I have a concrete floor, so I can pull the shelves off the wall to load or unload my implements.
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    I too have a concrete floor in my barn. Picked these up at a used pallet racking company. The uprights all looked like they had been repainted, beams weren't but looked pretty good to me. Having a 14' ceiling allowed me to get tall uprights, but the 1025 will not lift that high. So same as everyone else, heavy stuff on floor or one shelf up. Lighter stuff goes up high. It's not full yet, but as we move stuff from IL to WI, it gets a little more on it each trip.

    Also got a decent price when I said I would be paying cash.

    Click image for larger version. 

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