Power beyond for rear remote
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Thread: Power beyond for rear remote

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    Power beyond for rear remote

    I just got a 3046R. I ordered it with power beyond with the hopes of getting a backhoe at some point. I want to add rear remotes at some point. Is there a way to add 2 rear remotes that just plug in to the rear power beyond kit I have? I know I cat just hook up to power beyond for a add g a rear 3pt hitch piston for grading. But a way to add a rear control valve off power beyond for stuff like that. Or do I need to do it a different way? A second question if I want to add a 3rd valve to the front for my loader how hard is that to do?

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    You can feed a SCV off of your Power Beyond port. The process is the same as is being discussed in this thread on a 2032R:


    The 3-series also has a rear SCV option from Deere that you could buy and install yourself. I'm not sure how that is designed to connect into the tractor's hydro system but since it is a factory option, the provisions must be there for it.

    As far as up front, you can add a diverter to your existing SCV controlling your loader or, if you are going to be adding rear remotes, add one more control to that stack and route the lines from it to the front of your machine. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods.
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    There are a few factory options for rear remotes-you did not mention if you have a CAB or not?
    JD sells a kit to extend the rear 3rd SCV to the front loader, we are working on one too, here is a thread on it: http://www.greentractortalk.com/foru...ction-kit.html

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