Need some advice before spending money. Adding more SCVs to a 4200
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Thread: Need some advice before spending money. Adding more SCVs to a 4200

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    Need some advice before spending money. Adding more SCVs to a 4200

    As noted in the signature block, I have a 4200. It has a factory installed 3-spool valve. Two spools are controlled by the loader joy stick; the third is controlled by a lever on the right fender. The 3rd spool is plumbed to the rear of the tractor with hard lines. It is normally connected to my MMM lift. I also have the JD power beyond kit which essentially provides a place to install another "device" (backhoe valve for example) between the loader valve and the rock shaft valve AND a connector for the "return to sump line." Finally, I also have a bracket with quick connectors on my loader mount for the "3rd function" along with a pair of hoses neatly routed under the tractor so I can connect to the rear 3rd function connectors.

    I'd like to have at least one more SCV but need some advice before dropping a lot of money. To be clear, I don't NEED another valve, but it would be nice AND I love having projects to do.

    JD did make a 4th/5th function kit and from time to time, they show up on eBay. The last one I saw was $800. It has all the brackets and connectors to add the SCVs to the rear and two more levers on the fender. It "hide's the valve near the rear tire and results in a pretty tight fit. Over all, the pics I've see show it to be a neat install but not a lot of room left.

    Question: I'm considering buying Prince stack valve with at least on eSCV work section. Would it be better to try to "hide it down" near where the JD kit places the valve or would it be better to install it up on the roller like others do? It will definitely be a tight fit down near the rear housing but it will be out of the way. The advantage I see to the roll bar option is I could add other manual work sections and easily reach the levers from the seat. (The cost of a manual work section is about ⅓ the cost of the electric one.) I'm pretty sure I can do this for less than $800 and the eSCV would give the option of a joystick mounted switch.
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    I would do the ROPS mount (even though I doubt you would want to add more valve sections) I do like the factory lever set up with the kit, but not the valve placement.
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    If your considering a stack (or any other really) valve-then ROPS mounting is the way to go, mounting in the fender and fabricating linkages and handles is just not worth the effort-especially in that tight place.

    OTOH, If you can snag a complete OEM 4th/5th kit for $800, then I would consider that a bargain.

    One other option, is to "split" your 3rd with a electric diverter.

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