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Thread: New Hoses

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    New Hoses

    I have a 2018 3039r with cab and the single electrohydraulic rear scv. I am building a set of hoses to run the rear scv to the loader to be a dedicated 3rd function on loader to use a 55 inch CTA grapple and a 72 inch frontier front blade. I have bought appropriate sizes and length of hoses and the same style and size of quick couplers already on tractor. I will run one set of hoses from rear scv under tractor to mast where the loader couplers are, the second set will run from here down the loader arm (matching loader hoses) and terminate on the front crossbar.

    My questions, since I am a newbie to this.

    I plan to use Loctite 545 on pipe connections, just want to make sure this is ok.

    Once all hoses have been assembled and ensured no debris inside, is it ok to just hook up and use? Are there any special considerations to take when hooking up new empty hoses??? (and empty attachments)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not sure I would use the Loctite but the empty hoses should not be an issue. Check the hydraulic fluid level after you have cycled the new attachment a couple of times.
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    Make sure to blast the inside of the hoses with some compressed air just to flush out any crunchies that could be hiding. Any sealant to be used should only be used on pipe fittings, not JIC or any o-ring fittings. Sealant used on those can cause leaks.
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    I just use good old fashioned pipe dope. It's rated for 10Kpsi, doesn't harden, doesn't cost hardly anything, works good, is easy to use, and cleans up with a paper towel.

    Blowing out new lines is a good idea if you can. The cutting process causes rubber boogers that probably contain fine abrasives and steel flakes. No sense in having those floating around in your lines when they could do real damage to a valve spool (which are hand-lapped to their bores).
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    The Locktite 545 is great product, we use (and sell) something very similar for our assemblies, but but it's a bit less expensive.

    Everyone else gave great advice

    I'm curious what you have into this kit if you don't mind sharing? I have sold a few of the same thing and included a front bulkhead but have not settles on a final retail price yet:
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