Max Hydraulic pressure on 3033R.
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Thread: Max Hydraulic pressure on 3033R.

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    Max Hydraulic pressure on 3033R.

    I would like to put check valves on the 320R loader so it doesn't settle at all when I have my 4' x 8' scaffolding on the pallet forks. Kits from JD run $750 for all 4 cylinders so I was wondering if I could put ball valves inline and close them.

    If so where would they be available from?
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    Maybe just me - but I would never rely on hydraulics for something like that. Even with ball valves a valve can fail - or a cylinder seal - or hydraulic line.....

    Physically blocking the loader up somehow would be my only option.
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    Even with four valves, you can still get some drift since the cylinders are plumbed in parallel. The system pressure is ~2,500psi, but in use will see spikes much higher.

    Two places that sell them ( I think anyway) are:

    Home | Trausch Dynamics

    Surplus Center

    But, I'm with Stan on this, it's not a manlift device with safety features. I'm lucky in that my 300cx loader has zero drift, but I'd still hesitate to work from it especially by myself.
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