CT Attachments Hydraulic Valve?
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Thread: CT Attachments Hydraulic Valve?

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    CT Attachments Hydraulic Valve?

    Has anyone bought/installed the CT Attachments hydraulic valve setup?

    - Hydraulics - Compact Tractor Attachments

    He advertises it for the 2320, 2520, 2720, 2025R and 2032R machines (although it can be used on others) but makes no mention if it is compatible with the JD Power Beyond system. Deere gives you the option of a rear 3rd SCV OR the Power Beyond but their kits aren't compatible with each other so it's strictly one or the other. You can't have both.

    I already have a Power Beyond setup and I'll be putting a cab on my tractor by the end of the month. By next winter I'll want to have converted the manual chute controls on my 3pt blower over to hydraulic controls. CT Attachment's electrically controlled valve setup would seem to be ideal for this *if* it will play nice with the Power Beyond.

    Has anyone seen the instructions for this setup and know if it's compatible?
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    My guess, from looking at the pics, is that it connects to the same PB ports just as the OEM PB kit does. You should be able to add QD's to make your own PB circuit.

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