3038e hyd hose extension
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Thread: 3038e hyd hose extension

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    3038e hyd hose extension

    add on JD 3rd port installed. bought a grappler for JD CUT. Hoses extend to midpoint where they attach to a R. I need hose extensions. not sure of where to look and is there a standard for the JD connector??

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    Are you sure the hose are long enough to reach the mid section? Did you account for the full motion of the grapple and dumping/curling it? How long are they?

    The couplers will be 1/4" or 1/2" AG style, I'd have to research or you can tell me some numbers off of them so I can cross reference.

    As for the length, you will need to measure that an air or water hose works well, just zip tie it up they way you want, then mark it, then lay it out flat to measure.

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