1026r top and tilt - question on what to use
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Thread: 1026r top and tilt - question on what to use

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    1026r top and tilt - question on what to use

    i was doing a little house keeping on the pc and tripped across these pics from the early days of my 2210 ownership
    at the time the cost was an issue as power beyond did not yet exist

    but one owner had it done custom(pic's below) and CCM was making a kit for the 2210/2305

    what would be needed for a 1026r to add 2 remotes inline with power beyond for us 260 owners?

    i understand the tilt cylinder would need to be fabricated - it looks like the overall lenght is 8"

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	471165-TopnTilt 001.jpg
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    Click image for larger version.

Name:	471166-TopnTilt 002.jpg
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    Click image for larger version.

Name:	471167-TopnTilt 003.jpg
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ID:	9637
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	471168-TopnTilt 004.jpg
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    Click image for larger version.

Name:	471170-TopnTilt 005.jpg
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ID:	9639
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	471171-TopnTilt 006.jpg
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    Click image for larger version.

Name:	471172-TopnTilt 007.jpg
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ID:	9641
    Click image for larger version.

Name:	471173-TopnTilt 008.jpg
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ID:	9642

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    My future plans included adding a 2 spool valve for rear SCV's, specifically for top 'n tilt and whatever else I need rear outlets for.

    I'm interested in what you come up with.

    Have you looked around in the hydraulic section? There are more than a few threads that you might find handy in your quest.
    - Jason

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    I too would like to add 1 or 2 SCV's to the rear of my 1026.

    2011 1026R / H120 / 60D auto-connect, independent-lift mmm / 54" snowblower / 4' KK Pro rotary mower / KK 4' tiller

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    I do not know of anyone making "kits", but both of these companies will custom make cylinders to your specs as needed. There are threads that describe installing a valve pretty well already.

    Brian at Fit Rite Hydraulics - fitritehydraulics.com


    Mark at Hydraulic top links, Top-N-Tilt, hyd. Side link cylinders

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    I hope to use my power beyond to feed an addtional 3 valves, one for the upper link arm, and two for the snow blower chute rotation and deflection for when I get the snow blower. I hope I can do that. Now that I see this post with the tilt idea I think that would be great for the back blade to cut into banks etc, or with a box blade as shown for the same thing.

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