Can anyone recommend a decent tow-behind broadcast spreader?
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Thread: Can anyone recommend a decent tow-behind broadcast spreader?

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    Can anyone recommend a decent tow-behind broadcast spreader?

    Can anyone recommend a decent tow-behind broadcast spreader? It seems like everything shares the same reviews... cheap gears, poorly designed metering gates, on/off levers that won't stay in position, etc. I'm looking for something around 175 lbs capacity or so. Agri-Fab seems to get mixed reviews. It appears they OEM them for some John Deere spreaders. Does anyone have any experience with the Frontier spreaders like the SS1022B? Are they also based on Agri-Fab running gear? Are they any better? I would hope so as they cost around $700 compared to $250-300 for the better grade Agri-Fab units.

    I don't mind paying a bit more for something that is truely built better and will last longer.

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    Take a look at the Herd M series: Broadcast Seeders and Spreaders and ATV Seeders and Spreaders from Kasco Manufacturing

    They used to have the M96 model that was great, I bought a older used one but haven't got around to rebuilding it yet...

    Oops, sorry...just notice you wanted "tow behind"

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    I have been looking at spreaders myself. Doesn't seem to be anything in between the box store plastic junk and the spreaders meant for commercial use. KK makes pull behind spreader for ATV's. It sells for $800 or so. More than I'd like to spend, but I may get one next year.

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    Been using the JD Model # LPBS36JD lawn fert spreader for 2yrs now. great accuracy and works well. 175# 3.5 cu ft. used it for 10,000# so far. I had a herd model#92 made for seed, that didn't work well spinner was too fast.

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