John Deere/Frontier vs other brand implements
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Thread: John Deere/Frontier vs other brand implements

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    John Deere/Frontier vs other brand implements

    Being a rookie and only ever using a front bucket and fork tines on my neighbors 4120 I have to ask what are JD implements so much more than others?

    I have a 4044R on order and ended up also ordering 48" Frontier fork tines ($800), a RC2072 rotary cutter ($1500) and a PH200 post-hole digger with 12" auger for $1200.

    In looking around I found at TSC and my local farm store (D&B Supply) sell Behlen Country Implements (TSC looks identical) for much, much less. The Behlen Country PHD is $750 with 12" auger ,and the 72" rotary cutter was $1100.

    Looking at a box blade, the Frontier BB2072 is $1100, the Behlen is $750.

    A 72" tiller from JD (RT11173) is $3300 and the Behlen is $2100.

    So is there that much difference between them? I am just using these on my 5 acres...nothing extreme, just kind of futzing around, although the PHD will get a workout as I have about 2000ft of fence to put up with posts every 8'.

    Just wondering if I should cancel my implement order and buy non-JD stuff since I would save some serious $$$ - or maybe not in the long run?!?

    Any info would be appreciated!


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    It's the green paint that drives up the cost.

    You will need to carefully compare each implement to it's non-JD counterpart and decide if it's worth the extra money or not. Some are some are not. Can you find good aftermarket implements that are not JD and are a better price? Yes, absolutely.

    The bonus with going with JD is you get to wrap it up into the loan, if you are doing financing. If that is not a consideration then compare and contrast each implement. Nothing wrong with going with a different color implement. I have several colors. However, do you research before you write off the JD version. Sometimes it's worth the extra coin.

    My general rule of thumb is the heavier the implement is the better. It might actually make it worth having. I have seen a lot of "good" prices on things but when you read the specs you see it is light and then when you get a good look at a picture you see how cheaply it is built. As you will discover your implements will take a beating, even you take care of them, because you are trying to convince the ground to do your bidding.
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    You are asking some tough questions that doesn't have straight forward answers IMO. At the top of the forum there is a search box. You can search each implement you have questions about and most likely you will find the good, bad, and ugly about it within the GTT site. Speaking of my own personal experience, I like my Frontier rotary cutter. It's not the best cutting cutter I have owned but it's dang good in my opinion. It runs quiet, smooth, and gets the job done. I own a post hole digger from tractor supply. There is no way I could guess the amount of holes it's dug and still performs perfectly. Considering this implement doesn't work with a quick hitch, there is no reason for me to "upgrade" it because I don't see what I would be upgrading to by spending more money. In our soil conditions, it does the job well. If my phd bit the dust tomorrow I would replace it with another just like it to save myself some money. For your box blade question. I suggest doing your own research! If you intend on using a quick hitch I can say with certainty all implements are not created equal when it comes to the hitch. My 6' box blade does not work on the imatch without modification and for this reason alone it has me looking for box blades that will. Start pricing land pride, bushhog, and others. They sure are not cheap either! The Behlen box blade you mention may be one heck of a blade well worth the money but if your planning on using the quick hitch it's possible you will have to modify the brand new blade to get it to work. I'm not touching the tiller question, I don't know if the Frointer is good or not, perhaps it's the same exact tiller that are carried by other businesses but in a different color? Speaking of color, you asked why Frontier is so expensive.... They are green and sold at JD dealers, green is pricey. If your not comfortable with the price verses the uses you have intended for them I would search this site to come up with a decision. There is good information here.
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    Like others have mentioned, make sure you are comparing similar equipment. I will use rotary cutters as an example. You can find rotary cutters in a wide range of costs. But there are different grades. I got a cheap one...but I only need light duty, just some pasture grass. There are a lot heavier duty cutters that will go through stuff that would bend mine up. Depends on your use and your needs.

    I got the Deere was rolled into my financing, or I might have gone with the King Kutter. But the Deere is a high quality product, and will probably serve me better in the long run. Basic equipment like a post hole digger, middle buster, sprayer...nothing wrong with a lower cost alternative, in my opinion.
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    A Frontier LR5060L 60-inch rake is made by Tarter as the LR5 - TSC sells their own CountyLine version (made by Tarter) for $499.

    Deere dealer quotes me $750 for the LR5060L. That's mighty expensive green paint!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kellzey View Post
    A Frontier LR5060L 60-inch rake is made by Tarter as the LR5 - TSC sells their own CountyLine version (made by Tarter) for $499.

    Deere dealer quotes me $750 for the LR5060L. That's mighty expensive green paint!
    Huh. I didn't know that any of the Deere stuff was made by Tarter. That's good stuff to know!
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    I agree with the others . A lot of JD pricing is because of reputation , service , warranty , etc. imo . I would consider each implement individually as to it's use i.e. , if you're not going to use it frequently , maybe consider another brand . If money is no object , by all means go with JD , but if you're like most of us here , we need to pay attention to cost .

    Good luck with your purchases !!! Make sure to get us pics of your decisions !!!
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    It all comes down to parts,parts,parts no matter what you get if you can't get parts then it's not going to save money if you have to replace it.
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    As I understand the Frontier line, there are implements from various manufacturers which are branded as Frontier products (painted green and with Frontier logo decals). I have 5 Frontier implements right now, and on none of them is any label showing which company actually made the implement. This statement about multiple manufacturers is supported by doing an internet search. You can find the Land Pride plant and the Tarter plant and the Woods plant with their physical locations, but there seems to be no Frontier manufacturing facility. If you can find it, please let me know where it is.

    Advantage theoretically is that Deere sets the specs, and various plants build the implements using these specs. Deere has their own line of implements without investing in physical plants and labor, and JD dealers can order based on demand for the implements. I'd bet, though, that Deere doesn't actually control the build specs or manufacturing quality, just sets up deals to buy and re-brand.

    Just a personal observation is that Frontier implements tend to sit on dealer lots for lengthy times, versus a pretty quick turnover at a place like Tractor Supply. Implements trucked to me as drop shipments arrived in good shape, while those from the dealer lot tended to be a bit banged up and rusty. But any implement will get that way pretty quickly anyway.

    Frontier labeled stuff tends to be solid stuff. But, if you can locate the same implement, same manufacturer, it might be less expensive, but probably not JD green. However, if the implement isn't local and it is freight shipped to you, you'll pay the shipping in addition to the purchase price. The Frontier price is usually the same for you whether or not the implement is already on the JD dealer lot, or they need to have it sent to them from where ever it is made.

    Of course, as already said, there are Deere (Frontier) advantages like financing and parts support. But, if the part you need isn't in stock, then the Deere dealer has to order it through their system from the manufacturer and have it sent to them, and then you finally get it. If you know who made your particular implement, you can order the part directly, and maybe save a little money and time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetiredDoc View Post
    Of course, as already said, there are Deere (Frontier) advantages like financing and parts support. But, if the part you need isn't in stock, then the Deere dealer has to order it through their system from the manufacturer and have it sent to them, and then you finally get it. If you know who made your particular implement, you can order the part directly, and maybe save a little money and time.
    On the subject of Frontier parts. Have you noticed that you cannot buy Frontier parts just anywhere? Most Frontier parts start with the number 5 followed by one or more letters (5TITE511178). I have not been able to ever find these parts at the typical on-line parts resources like GreenFarmParts, GreenPartsStore, etc. The only place I have found them listed is on JD Parts.

    Like others, my experience with Frontier has been mixed. You have to shop very carefully. As RetiredDoc suggests, it pays to do some research to find out who the OEM is for the implement. Once you know the OEM make and style it gives you an additional source for parts if needed and chances are those parts will cost less (i.e. landscape rake tines). I'm a JD fan but there is no magical formula in green paint and you pay a premium for it. Personally I don't much care what color my implements are as long as they do the job, it's not a fashion show after all. If you have one of the OEM dealers nearby you will have the same ready access to parts and support... in fact, it may even be better. Example, when I was shopping for a landscape rake my local JD dealer didn't have the size I was looking for and they didn't show much interest in ordering one for me. Meanwhile, an OEM dealer up the street couldn't have been happier to order exactly what I wanted.
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