Rear blade size for 1025R
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Thread: Rear blade size for 1025R

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    Rear blade size for 1025R

    I just picked up a 7 ft rear Woods rear blade for a good price and I think it is bigger than my tractor can handle. The size would be fine for moving snow but I am thinking full of dirt it might be a little much. Any issues I may run into cutting it to 5'6" or there about (depending on where the bolts allow me).

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    I'd hook it up and see how high your tractor can lift it before I'd cut it. 1025R has a limited cat 1 hitch and may not be able to lift this high enough to be practical in which case I'd re sell it and buy one that fits. If it does lift high enough have at it with your cutting implement of choice. That will be a heavy duty 66" blade.
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    I would first check the fit and lift as the previous poster suggested. IMHO 7-foot is way too big on a 1-series to even handle all types of snow. I'm not sure how much rear wheel weight you have but I live in central PA and originally had a 6-foot Land Pride rear blade on my 2720. Even with fluid filled rear tires and chains on all fours wheels, when we would have wet / ice packed snow I had difficultly pulling the 6-foot blade through it. Did it work for light fluffy snows? Sure. I ended up going with a 5-foot blade and I can pull/push it through anything (snow, dirt, rocks, etc.)

    Again, it all depends on your conditions (pavement vs. gravel, hills, etc.). There are folks out there using 6-foot blades on a 1-series.
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    I ran a 6' on a 24 horse Kubota for awhile. I could push/pull it fine with the blade straight. If I angled the blade I had problems in certain conditions. Swapping it for a 5' was the right move, the tractor handled the 5' blade with ease.
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    I have 60" rear blade on my 1026R. R4 tires, no chains. For snow falls less than 5" or so, there is no problem, and I am very happy with it. As for the lift height, you can adjust your top link to get more height, but it still won't lift it very high, and it will affect the angle of the blade. Mine lifts it 6". This works for me, I might be able to set it to lift more, but I like the blade fairly upright. FWIW, my blade is a CountyLine from TSC.

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    I borrowed a 7' County Line from a buddy last year. It was bigger than my 1025 liked.
    One thing that I've done to get a couple more of inches of 3 pt implement lift was to buy a 2nd adjustable lift link to replace the non-adjustible link...and then adjust both sides up as far as possible.
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