I am trying to do battle with an invasive grass (KR Bluestem), and it appears pre-emergents, nor chemicals will work on it. (I hate using chemicals anyway, so not a big loss.) Everything that I can find on the topic says use a Spring Tooth Harrow, and cut 2" deep, in early summer, for best chance at control.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a 5" Spring Tooth Harrow, that would work well behind my JD 1050? I want one that works off the 3 pt hitch, not a draw bar. Hate to spend more than I need to for something that is going to get dirty from day 1. I also sit on some rocky areas, so tunes are likely to take a beating, in places, even before I can see the rock shelf is 1" under the soil. I think the harrow will need some weight to penetrate the soil and get the job done.

And if I have posted this in the wrong section, would one of the Mods move it to the appropraite location, please?