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    Rear Hay Spear Help

    Good morning from down South. I am working to move a round bale to our horse pasture. This is my first experience with round bails and tractors. I purchased a rear spear and have it connected and adjusted correctly, I think. Please see the picture. Here is the problem. As you can see from the pic, everything looks ok. But, if I back up any further the bail starts to push back vs. staying straight and level on the large spear. When I continue to go in reverse, the bail pushes the rear arms and of course the bale starts to move. What am I doing wrong here? Is there a way to lock the arms? Of course , I would have to unlock to raise the bail but it seems there is an easier way. The tractor is a JD 3038e. Thanks all.
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    JD 3038e with light kit
    Frontier Box Blade
    Frontier Bush Hog

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    I usually have more round bales behind the one I am trying to snag, so nothing moves backwards. That said, from the pic, I can't see anything wrong with your hook connection. I do load my hay on the hook, with my hook closer to the ground, rather than up. as high as yours is. I think I have more distance between my long spear and the shorter ones. By coming in lower to get the bale, it won't be as likely to try to push the top portion away from you, due to giving you a lower center of gravity.

    Maybe someone else on here sees something that I don't.
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    It looks like you are trying to spear the bale dead center? I always spear my large spear halfway between the middle and top of the bale and never have any problems. If I am dead close to center I usually have the same problem. Different grass has different effects

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    Shorten the top link, so the end of the spear is pointed up some. This way as you are pushing into the bale you are lifting it up a little and off the ground. Also try spreading it below the center of the bale as well.

    Looks like a good size bale, so if you will be going up hill, keep one hand on the 3-point level incase the front end of the tractor starts to come off the ground.

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