make a QA for attaching mower snow blade to FEL
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Thread: make a QA for attaching mower snow blade to FEL

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    make a QA for attaching mower snow blade to FEL

    so I've been playing with an idea to make a cheap and fast bucket adapter
    I've noticed many of these tractor blades going for $50 with the mounts.
    Does anyone think I could take a clamp adapter like the one at Northern Tool:

    and then weld the blade to it?

    this would allow me to plow small snowfalls while also being able to quickly take it off for the FEL.

    just thinking..that's all that's the problem of these tractor's...always has me thinking what projects I'll be doing

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    I suppose you could do it; but from what I hear those clamp on to the bucket things are pretty worthless as vibration and other forces loosen them; but this could be a bit better since the gizmo is one piece and tied together. However; loaders and their geometry are not really meant to do a lot of pushing. Each change in direction of the frame is essentially a hinge, or as I believe the structural guys call it a "moment."
    I have more ideas than ambition.

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