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Thread: Log splitter

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    Log splitter

    I was out cutting wood this weekend and my buddy was using a splitter that he attached to his 3 pt hitch on is bota tractor. He made it himself. It worked really nice. Was wondering if any of you guys have ever made one of these? I have an 855. I don't have rear remotes so, I figured I would have to add them. Any input would be great appreciated.



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    I made one years ago to use on my 1958-520, using the tractor hydraulics:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Picture 264 (Small).jpg 
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ID:	25729

    When I bought my 790, I had to add an open center control valve to the splitter & long hoses to reach the loader bucket connections. I just tie off the joy stick to the opposite fender with a tarp strap & use the splitter valve:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HPIM2206.JPG 
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ID:	25730

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HPIM2208 (Small).JPG 
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ID:	25731

    I originally had 4200 in the splitter, a section of "H" beam from the county bridge dept. & a new Hydraulic cylinder, the rest was mostly scrap I had laying around.

    It's not fast using the tractor hydraulics, but I work alone & it works fine for me. If you're trying to keep up with 2-3 people, you might be disappointed in the speed. ~~ Lowell
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    How much firewood do you split? My opinion is that if you split a lot, then don't run the hours up on your tractor and have it tied up so you can't move wood with it-get a stand alone splitter. For only occasional use they are nice since you dont have to worry about keeping gas fresh.
    Usually they are slower than stand alone splitters as well since the tractor has less flow (GPM) to make the cylinder move faster, stand alone splitters usually have two stage pumps for speed.
    If you have a loader, you could just plug it in there and bungee the joystick to keep the flow going, or you can add a new valve or just the Power Beyond circuit for around $200-$500.

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    I also have an 855....
    From the research I've tried to do.... It is going to be a better idea to use a pto driven pump with a oil tank...

    If you run the tractor at pto motor rpm, there will not be enough gallons per minute from the tractor available to run a splitter well...
    The tractor will produce enough pressure, just not enough fluid volume...
    So If I'm going to have to run the motor at pto revolutions, a pto driven pump will more than provide enough pressure and volume...
    And it may be possible it would operate well at reduced motor rpms.... Thus saving fuel and ware and tear....
    I believe a 5.7 cubic inch pump will be adequate, and the most that the 855 pto with 18hp available can handle....

    Be sure to post pictures of your build...
    Good luck...
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    3pt splitter

    I have a Splitfire on my current JD 955 ran by the power beyond. The 955 puts out 7.2 gal @ 2500 psi. The 855's only have 2050 psi and less gpm's than the 955's. The better hyd's is why the955's are so sought after. As has been posted, your better off with a pto pump and tank. To build all that and add pump and tank can get out of hand real quick in price. Depends what you can piece togetherwith what you have. I bought a 86" reel mounted mower for the 55 series from a dealer in Maine to try on my 955. The back-up plan if I didn't like the way it worked was to sell it as it is new in the crate or cannablize it as it has a mid pto driven frame mounted hyd pump complete with tank quick couplers filters, and hoses. The three reels and lift sys are run by hyd's. Sadly with trading my 955 in on the 4720 that project is put on hold, as I am now going to run the splitter at 12 gpm on the 4720. Point being, even on the 955 it was a little slow. Go with the pto pump if you can swing it. Just another thing to sell along with the cozy hard cab the dealer didn't want. Allen.

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    I have a Prince PTO pump on the one I built. It's around 22 gpm, so even with the tractor at a medium throttle position the cycle time is pretty fast. There is a thread here somewhere with some photos of it.
    Andy B.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Log splitter.jpg 
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Size:	95.1 KB 
ID:	25856Click image for larger version. 

Name:	logging work 2.jpg 
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Size:	82.6 KB 
ID:	25857Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Logging work.jpg 
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ID:	25858

    I’ve had a 3 point splitter for close to 10 years. I had it on my 1954 Ford NAA for several years, then I bought my John Deere 3320 in July of 2012 and I mounted it on that tractor. As you can see in the pics this is how I do my firewood. I use my forks to carry logs to the house. I use the forks to lift up trees while I cut them as well as to cut the logs to firewood size pieces. This avoids me being bent over excessively and it avoids my chainsaw from hitting the dirt as I cut.

    To run a log splitter on the 3 point you would need the power beyond kit, not the 3rd SCV or loader ports. I bought an external tank and mounted it on my splitter. I have a PTO pump to power my log splitter. They can be bought new for $300 - $500. I bought my new Chief PTO pump in October. It's 2,250 PSI and 21 gallons per minute. I paid $300 for it new which is a steal. I replaced my old Prince PTO pump which was 11 GPM. The log splitter is alot speedier now. I also do not need to run at 2,500 RPM. Right around 1,200 RPM works pretty fast yet.

    I have a Northstar log splitter that works vertical and horizontal. I just made a custom 4 way log splitter in October so one push of the lever and the log splits in 4. It took a few modifications to get one that works perfect. The Chief 21 gal per minute PTO pump operates the log splitter much faster than the power beyond kit on the tractor would ever dream of doing. The PTO pump is much less costly than a power beyond kit as well. I mounted a remote hydraulic tank to the log splitter. This set up works very well for me. I probably split about 10 or 12 cords a year in NW WI where it has a long cold season.
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