49" or 53" Bucket for 1025R
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Thread: 49" or 53" Bucket for 1025R

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    49" or 53" Bucket for 1025R

    I'm really getting educated here. And about to be broke apparently, lol. In passing threads I've seen some discussion on the 49" V. the 53" bucket for the 1 series SCUTS H120 loader. The dealer wants $100 more for the 53", although at this point I think he'll throw it in to close the sale.

    Pros and cons? Bigger seems better - and a lot of you guys went with the 53". So - any regrets either way? Any 53" guys wish you had the 49" now or vice versa?

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    I wish I had the 53" just to get the sides a little further out beyond the tractor but only once so far has that caused an issue.
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    I have the 53". Lately I have been cleaning out a lot of sand from the sides of a house and can tell you that it makes it less nerve racking when trying to get as close to the house as possible. Sometimes the ground isn't level so when you are really close to something the tractor can tip towards the house. I will say that when the dirt is really wet that I can't lift the bucket to its full height when the bucket is really full.

    I would buy the 53" again without a second thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnFromOKC View Post
    Any 53" guys wish you had the 49" now or vice versa?

    John...no regrets here on the 53" bucket. For all the reasons previously mentioned...particularly the bucket edges staying outside the side-to-side footprint of the tractor. I haven't had any problem with the additional 4" inches of bucket width. And I haven't had any issue with hydraulic strength lifting the load of the bigger bucket. Now, that is presuming you have no width restrictions that you have to work with, such as a shed door or fence gate. BTW...53" is the inside dimension of the bucket. The outside width dimension (bottom cutting edge) is 55"...just be aware again if case you have any width restrictions.

    I know every dollar earned is valuable, but IMO the $100, even if you have to kick it in, is well worth the delta cost on an approximate $20K investment.

    Good luck with your anticipated purchase. You will love the 1025R!

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    I vote for the 53". I had one and my 1026R was more than capable of using it to the bucket's full capacity.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've been happy with my 49" so far. It's done everything I've asked it too. Digging and hauling a load of dirt has been no problem for me. I can't say I've done a job where I thought to myself, "boy I wish I had a little bigger bucket". That's not to say if I had it I'd think I wish it were just a little smaller. I will without a doubt tell you that if the dealer won't budge on the $100, I'd put it towards a set of Artillian pallet forks over the bigger bucket. The reason I say that is I have them on WAY more than I do my bucket. Now if you plan on moving gravel and mulch all the time I'm sure that extra $100 for the bucket would be money well spent, but otherwise I can't say enough good about how much the Artillian forks help out in daily tractor related work. They easily get used 4 hours to 1 hour over the bucket. Maybe more....

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    53" all the way! I love mine. You will never want a smaller bucket.

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    Comments from me looking in.
    I would ask why NOT the bigger bucket?

    Worst case, $100.00 added to the purchase price of the tractor that will cost north of, say $16K..... So?
    Had my last tractor for 20 years, a long time.....Money well spent.
    Who is kidding who, JohnFromOKC will be spending much more than $100.00 before he is done.....Cause you are never done and we all know it.

    Don't get me wrong here JohnFromOKC, I am not wanting to spend your money just pointing out the real reality.
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    Had one 48-49" bucket ,,,never again .go for the 53", like you said dealer may throw it in just to close the deal.

    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    I got the 49 because my dumb salesman never told me I had options. All good though, the 49 gets the job done.

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