Modified Dr Leaf Vac for use on 1023E
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Thread: Modified Dr Leaf Vac for use on 1023E

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    Modified Dr Leaf Vac for use on 1023E

    I picked up this DR Leaf Vac several years ago used and have been using on a 2012 x500 to do about 1.5 acres. It works good but that is my primary mower and I mulch. The mulching hardware has to come off when I start to use the leaf vac. Last year I found a 54D MMM with all the attachment hardware for my 1023E for $900. Could not pass that up so I decided to try and set the Leaf Vac up on the 1023E and then I can keep the X500 as the mulcher and my wife likes to use that.

    First I made a modification to the way the DR stands when not attached. Always hated that you have to lift it off the stand post to get it mounted and the stand use the same holes as the hitch. So I Changed that my adding a piece of angle iron. Should have done that years ago.

    Then I needed to come up with a way to use the 3 pt hitch. Looking at some other posts here I guess there is some hardware to do this but I made one up for the heavy hitch. Time will tell if it is robust enough. Fortunately my property is very flat. Then I needed to purchase a longer length of hose as the vac sits back 2-3' further than it did on the X500.

    I did a dry run today and with only a few leaves on the ground, but it seemed to work well.

    Easy to attach and detach. No more lifting. The 3pt does it all
    The extra weight of the 1023E versus the x500 makes it more comfortable. I would often feel like the tail was wagging the dog especially when it started to get full
    The 54D seems to be better than the 48C deck that I have on the X500 for cutting and shredding. Of course the real test will be when the heavy leaves are down.


    It makes this a long "box truck" and I will need to be careful and plan my turns. When I first got it I clipped a number of trees on the X500 but then got use to it. So now I need to adjust my thought process more when going near obstacles.
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    Very nice mod!
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    Some front suitcase weights should help with the tail wagging.
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    i like it-
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