Rotating Grapple for Rockeries on 260B
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Thread: Rotating Grapple for Rockeries on 260B

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    Rotating Grapple for Rockeries on 260B

    I still dont have my tractor - so this is more ocd theorizing than anything... I figured I could build a light duty 360 rotating grapple for the 260B for <2k (A lot of that tied up in a rotary union). Any thoughts if there is value in thinking more on this & breaking out the sketch pad, or is the mechanical thumb good enough. I'm very much a novice at rockeries, so it seemed the additional degree of freedom could be a substantial time saver, and a fun project to build.

    Image of a grapple courtesy google.
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    I have a friend who has one on a small skid steer type unit. He run a tree service uses it everyday. He bought it used with a blown motor for around 6000$ after the short block was repaired he said he has about 15000$ in it and he's very happy with it. Good luck I'll be watching.
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    Neat idea; but how much would such a mechanism decrease lifting capacities of the backhoe? I think a hydraulic thumb is the way to go as it's simple, and relatively cheap.
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    Great concept but I think by the time you built it the weight would be too much and the outrigger would have to be beefed up for the additional weight for when you started lifting things. Plus I'm not sure the hydraulic pump is big enough. Personally I would thick with a thumb. If this was a excavator... My 2 cents.
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    I wish I had that for the front of my tractor. I have an artillian grapple it would be super convenient if the grapple head rotated because I use mine mostly to whittle down the debris pile from my lot clearing. However, I am sure that is way beyond any budget I could come up with and most certainly beyond the capabilities of my 3025e.

    If you can figure out how to shrink it and make it affordable to the casual tractor nuts like us, you will have a steady income stream.
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    Like others said probably too much weight. I think the BH only lifts 280 lbs at full extention at the bucket pins. Try out the thumb.

    You could build a hydraulic thumb first. Cheaper and easier. I will be easy to move the thumb to the ideal position for gripping rocks.

    All that being said if you really want one, do it. I have done stuff just because. It makes me smile when I use it.
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