Options, options... Over-analyzing snow plowing options?
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Thread: Options, options... Over-analyzing snow plowing options?

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    Options, options... Over-analyzing snow plowing options?

    So I've pretty much narrowed down my snow plowing situation to four options. Two being about the same cost, and the other two being no cost. What do you all think is the best option?:

    1. AF10F Frontier 60" loader mount manual angling snow blade for $1,400
    2. CTA 66" QH frame mount snow blade for $700 plus shipping with a new quick hitch with angle cylinder found on CL for $635 shipped
    3. 72" rear blade that I've never tried in snow and is older than I am but is paid for
    4. Use my existing 61" bucket which is tedious but does the job

    I have the correct bracket for the QH already and a H130 loader. My driveway is gravel and about 1200' long up hill to the house with a flat gravel parking area at the top. There are a couple wash-out spots that I plan to fix in the spring but will have to deal with this winter. In the past I've used a QH 54 blade and before that a quad with manual blade adjustment and angling it wasn't a big difference to me either way.

    Any advice you all have is much appreciated!
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    You will get lots of opinions here....

    First, for myself, I would eliminate the quick hitch plow option. With 1200’ of gravel driveway you might end up bending the hitch up. They were designed for lawn tractors - not 4WD compact diesels.

    I would opt for the loader mounted plow. First and foremost you are looking forward instead of backward with a rear blade. Second - and a huge second - is the ability to stack snow. You can’t stack snow with a frame mounted front or rear blade. Third - with the loaded mounted blade it only takes a minute to drop the blade and put your bucket or forks on for other work.

    Now with all that said, I have 850’ of gravel driveway un NW Penna and have been using only my bucket for 9 or 10 winters now. But I have time now being stuck home. It works fine for me with the Edge Tamers. Even with my big intersection it take me just a little over an hour to do.
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    I'm not an expert in snow removal or tractor operation, however, I own both an AF10F and an RB2072 and have used both for snow removal this week on a mostly flat 700' driveway with large parking area and the equivalent of a 5 car concrete parking pad. I'll caveat this with: a big snow for me is 12-18" and I'll only get 3 or 4 of those a year.

    If I could only have one I'd have the RB2072, it does good enough at everything I need it to do. Since I don't just have one option I mounted both the AF10F and the RB2072 up and used the rear blade for the bulk of the snow removal and the front blade for the finesse and managing the snow pile/runout areas. Manual angle is fine, but I don't know what I'm missing with hydraulic angle and I'm not curious enough to spend the money to find out.
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    Especially since you already own the 54 Blade, none of the above :

    54 Plow Products
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    I have the CTA 60" on my 1025 and just love it. CTA is now offering a loader mounted plow with hydraulic angleing. Talked with Jeff at CTA last week I am thinking of putting that on my 2038. For now on my 2038 I put Edge Tamers on it has a back up to the 60" on the 1025.
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    I would go with the 66" blade from CTA. You can move along at a good clip with a blade you can angle hydro.A 54 with wings is 60" with week ends.
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    If I had that long of a driveway you would see a 4 wheel drive truck with a plow in my yard. I guess that would be choice number 5 on the list.

    These little tractors are great but that much time in the blowing cold is not for me. My drive is 145 feet long and 20 feet wide with same width turn around and the time spent clearing it is more than enough for me w/ 54” blower. Maybe you don’t get the big drifts we get so the job may be easier.

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    Easy answer: CTA 60" Snow push -Snow Pusher - Compact Tractor Attachments

    I've had a loader plow on a 2520 and a 366 frame mount blade on the 3320 and they are both not the best solution for snow. A snow push has a rubber edge and large skid shoes, just the ticket for a gravel drive.

    My opinion a blower is the best solution for a homeowner 99% of the time, a snow push is a close 2ed, everything else is far behind these. The only time a push is better than a blower is when you get a small amount of snow that the blower will not pickup or you have a very large area like a parking lot to clear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drifterbike View Post
    CTA is now offering a loader mounted plow with hydraulic angleing. Talked with Jeff at CTA last week I am thinking of putting that on my 2038.

    *perks up* Say what? Any idea when he'll have that on his web site? And.. any idea what he's going to be asking for that?

    I want something bigger than my 54" plow but haven't found anything yet that I can loader mount and had hydro angling that doesn't weigh a ton.
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    I have been using a rear blade, 72". It sucked. Ok, it worked, but not well. With a heavy snow the tractor would get pushed sideways by the blade when driving forward and I had to chain up to be able to pull the blade thru the snow. Flipping the blade around made it work much better but not practical to back all the way down my long driveway. I ended up putting a 60" plow on my side by side and using that for the driveway and sidewalks. I use the rear blade and bucket for around the house and shop, it works well to pull the snow away from the buildings. Next time I'm going to try the box blade for pulling snow back instead of the blade.

    For you I'd say the loader mount would be best.
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