Anyone Switch from Front Snowblower Rear 3pt?
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Thread: Anyone Switch from Front Snowblower Rear 3pt?

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    Anyone Switch from Front Snowblower Rear 3pt?

    So from November to April I have my 54 blower on my compact tractor, that means if I want to use the loader for lifting etc that whole time its not available. Also just ordered some pallet forks, so those will also sit for those months. Sure a guy could swap back and forth but with all the pieces and shafts and hoses and junk to mess with, its a bunch of time and more changes of bending something or what not.

    I LOVE the front mounted blower setup, in my mind its the best way to move snow. I don't have a real long driveway, maybe 150 feet, but I do blow a lot around the house and buildings, so control is more important than just getting snow off the driveway. With the hydraulic chute rotation, remote chute flap cable and engine rpm I can pretty much put snow exactly where I want it now.

    Has anyone gone to a rear mount blower from using a front mount? Love it? Hate it? Just learned to deal with it?

    I blow right along my steel sided shed and would hate to crash into it due to poor visibility or maneuverability.

    I have a ton of money tied up in my 54 blower setup, I would hang onto that for now and look for a deal for a 3pt blower during the off season. Seems around $1000-1200 a guy could pick up a used one if looking in the summer.
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    Iím kinda wondering the same thing. We havenít gotten a big snowstorm for a few years now. I havenít used my tractor for snow removal yet this season. I did plow with my atv a couple of times. Iím sure weíll get a big snowfall soon and Iíll stop wondering why I have a snowblower on the front of the tractor.
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    I've thought about the same for the same reasons.
    I grew up with rear blowers on big tractors, so the backing up thing isn't an issue.

    There are 2 things, well 3 really, that keep me from making the switch.

    1. Biggest reason- I'm in the military, and the chance that I could get deployed or even have to attend extended training during winter months is very likely. The front blower is much easier for my wife to use, especially if my son wants to ride with. Also, there is less to watch for. With loader and rear blower, whatever end you aren't using still has a large implement swinging that could hit something. Another worry that she shouldn't have to deal with.
    With that, I doubt she would use the loader for snow removal or any other task, and we have a stand alone mower so there would be no implement switch she would have to worry about.

    2. Cost - I bought the 2320 used as a package with the 200cx loader and the front 54 blower. I can pick up a new 60" rear blower for between $1500 and $2800, depending on vendor and brand. Then I could potentially sell or trade the front mount package for a similar dollar amount, again pending vendor or private sale. There is no monetary value in the change.

    3. Storage - Currently in the winter the 2320 is stored in the attached garage with the blower on it. Loader is parked outside next to the garage. If I were to switch to a rear mount, it would be a very tight fit if it fit at all in the garage with the loader and rear blower attached. Unhooking/reattaching every time is not an option, especially considering #1 above, and I won't leave it parked outside.

    So with that, I'll be keeping the front mount until such time that one or more of the above are no longer in play. I only have a ~75 x 40 drive to clear myself, plus trails for the dogs and back to their kennel. I do also help the neighbors a lot, but just as a nice guy, no contract or payment set up.

    I have 2 neighbors with rear blowers, one with a 1 series equal Kubota and Kubota rear blower, the other with a 3 series and a Frontier rear blower. Maybe I'll ask one of them if I can borrow the blower sometime to see how I like it/how they work. No rush, what I have works.

    Currently I think I'd add a rear blade first. Give me the ability to scrape/windrow lesser snowfalls and just blow away the piles to keep from having piles along the driveway. And that could be parked outside and hooked up as needed without too much worry.
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    I have both set ups. Granted they are on bigger machines however my .02 is the front mounted Pronovost 72" running off a PTO hydro pac doesn't hold a candle to the Normand 82-INV.

    Pronovost is on a NH4835 (56HP) at the PTO and the Normand is on a JD4720 same HP rating at the shaft.

    The snow dust and crap flying around is so bad with the front unit at times you need to come to a full stop and wait for it to clear. Not the same case with the rear mount as it's all behind me.

    I like having the FEL with the bucket on and the blower in the back is a great counterweight. I can easily break apart hard mounds of snow and then send them into the woods with ease. To use the bucket on the NH I have to remove the blower and disconnect the hydro lines then many times repeat the process back to blower. Having the hydro pack on with the hoses snaked up to the loader arms isn't a lot of work but it sucks and those lines all need to be tied up tight to the undercarriage in the fall then cut free in the spring.

    Seriously. If I could sell the Provonost and the Boom Flail mower and break out even in the end for buying another Normand I'd do it in a second.
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