Lawn Prep/Driveway Maintenance - TR3 - Anyone With an Opinion?
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Thread: Lawn Prep/Driveway Maintenance - TR3 - Anyone With an Opinion?

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    Lawn Prep/Driveway Maintenance - TR3 - Anyone With an Opinion?

    Has anyone used (or seen used) a TR3 I have a 1025r and about 1/2 acre of lawn I need to completely re-do with new high quality turf (Zoysia i think). I can't use a tiller (too many deeper rocks) and just need to fluff up and level about the top three inches (of the previous soil that was brought in).

    I also have over 500 yards of rolling gravel driveway that needs a fair amount of regular maintenance.

    I was going to purchase a soil pulverizer to do the lawn (can't rent anything here, and no way to buy used, and no way to really sell after use either). So for a small one 48" it would be about a $1500 one time expense. But doing by hand (too old for that) is out of the question these days. And hiring out would probably be almost as much and probably not as good as job as I would do with my tractor and pulverizer.

    I saw the TR3 - but don't have the price yet. I read that is a shock. It looks as if it would do a good quick job on the driveway I currently maintain with back dragging with the tractor bucket and a small DR Grader. And it looks as if I could get away with using it to prep the lawn. Maybe not the best implement, but with some time - might work out well enough.

    So I wondered if the TR3 would do a good enough job prepping for the lawn, and it looks as if it would make quick nice work on the driveway. As to the price (no idea yet what a price to Hawaii is) - instead of throwing away the $1500 on a one-time pulverizer use, would make it easier to swallow.

    Has anyone actually used one of these for soil prep? I don't have clay - just fairly firm "dirt" that I will be adding a liberal amount of top dressing to. And does it work as well and as quickly as it looks on the promos when doing a driveway?
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    First thing for me anyway - no price - they make you open a chat session. Huge turn off for me right there.

    Next - for anything other than already tilled/loosened soil I don’t see it being heavy enough to do any good and no way to easily add weight. It even says it’s good for a horse arena which it probably is. For virgin soil where I live the thing would just skim over the top of the ground.

    I skimmed the video - once I saw the tractor moving at a good clip with a bucket full of dirt all the way in the air I closed it and the site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coaltrain View Post
    First thing for me anyway - no price - they make you open a chat session. Huge turn off for me right there.
    That usually means it is expensive. :-)
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    A Harley rake is the perfect tool for this but they are very expensive. We used a Harley rake for my front lawn and my 400 ft drive and the results was very good and extremely fast. Don't know if you can get one for a 1 series but you can for a 3 series.
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