Toys - the good, the bad and the ugly
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Thread: Toys - the good, the bad and the ugly

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    Toys - the good, the bad and the ugly

    Iíve been buying all kinds of new toys since I bought my tractor.

    The good - My first purchase was a set of Titan pallet forks. Iím very pleased with them. All the welds look good. I also purchased some of Kennyís hook combos which work great. Thank you Kenny. Next were a tooth bar, dual receive hitch, ripper-sub soiler-potato plow-middle buster and 500 pounds of weights from Greg at Heavy Hitch. I havenít used the middle buster but everything else is top notch. Thanks Greg.

    The bad - My latest purchase was a 6 foot landscape rake from Titan. I was going to buy one from EA but with gauge wheels it would of been about $1200.00. Titan had a sale on them and I had a one time use discount code. So I put the rake and gauge wheels in the cart and entered the code. Wow...the final price was $502.00. I couldnít turn that down. I donít know if the rake is American made but I could find no Ďmade in Chinaí marks on it. Assembly was tedious since the only instructions were a bad diagram and parts list. The rake is not quick hitch compatible. Iím sure I can modify it but wasnít expecting that. Now I havenít actually used the rake because Iím not taking the quick hitch off. Maybe Iíll change my mind about the rake once I actually can use it. One of the wheels was badly cracked (they're sending a new one) and the brace weld wonít let me turn the rake 360 deg. A grinder will fix that.

    The ugly - Me. When I was assembling the rake I stepped over it, with both hands full of tools, and something caught my pant leg and I did a face plant onto the grave drive. Ouch. Nothing was broken just bruised so Iím glad of that. More about the rake later.

    Yes, I know my baby is filthey. She's due for a bath this week.

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    frontier box blade
    titan pallet forks and landscape rake
    ken's Grab Hook/Clevis Combo
    heavy hitch receiver hitch, ripper/subsoiler, toothbar, suitcase weights

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    Quote Originally Posted by danthoman View Post
    ....... I donít know if the rake is American made but I could find no Ďmade in Chinaí marks on it. Assembly was tedious since the only instructions were a bad diagram and parts list. The rake is not quick hitch compatible. Iím sure I can modify it but wasnít expecting that. ....
    I bought a pair of clamp-on pallet forks for my now sold Kubota and there was no statement of origin in spite of the fact they were obviously Chinese made. Which by the way is illegal.

    I have a Land Pride landscape rake I used on our old place in Florida to pull up an infestation of briar which worked quite well. I haven't used it on our little ranch in Central Texas and we've been here for over 10 years. I've thought about using it to rake rocks here, maybe it will fit my iMatch.
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    I borrowed some Titan bolt on forks from another member on this forum and found so many uses for them I ended up buying the set I borrowed. The max I have lifted is roughly 450-500 pounds.

    I have been in the market for a land plane for the gravel drive and a landscape rake. My Elm trees all died over the last two years, when they fall or are fell they tend to explode into hundreds of small sticks which I hope a landscape rake could easily pile up.

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    Face plant DOH!

    I am starting another buying fork- lawn stuff.

    I got a Country Way 40 gal. 3 pt. sprayer for spot watering and liquid fertilizer of the lawn, and I'm still deciding on my 3 pt. core aerator. Northern Tool and Rural King have the same thing but prices are a bit different. I wish I could justify the JD or EA units, they look bombproof.

    I'm also trying to decide on a tow behind broadcast spreader or a drop spreader for reseeding. Kinda leaning towards the drop spreader- it just seems more stable. Plus it's Amazon Prime, so free shipping!

    I'll do reviews if I ever figure out pictures and have something worthwhile to comment on.

    IMHO the only bad thing I can talk about is the ROPS lights. My tractor has a broken and bent one. Still works, just looks like crap. Can't JD incorporate small, bright LED's?
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