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Some one messaged me about info on this project but being new to the forum I can't find my way back to his message. So I hope to post the pictures here and he will find them.
The quick attach plate for the loader was built to be a multifunction unit. The rod the polaris blade mounts on matches the one on the SxS. Since the winch is not needed on the loader I support the blade with the 2" receiver tube. Used it yesterday in 8" of heavy snow and worked pretty well only thing is if you use the maximum angle it will push the front wheels sideways. Sure stacks snow nicely with the loader. The SxS will probably push more but not as handy. Hard to beat the hydro on the tractor. The quick attach plate has 2 2" receivers on it on the top and bottom frame as well l as hooks. I have a 6' boom that goes in the bottom receiver and has support chains that go up to the top hooks and a front mount hitch as well.