Land Leveler - Land Plane?
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Thread: Land Leveler - Land Plane?

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    Question Land Leveler - Land Plane?

    Hello, I am thinking about getting a land plane. Looking at Land Planes there is alot of difference on specs. I checked with the dealer I got the tractor from and another dealer thats next to them. The dealer i got my tractor from doesn't have them in stock but quoted me a Frontier LP1160. This is a 60" land plane that weighs 493 pounds. The other dealer sells New Holland and Mahindra. They had a Bush Hog brand that had been on their lot for a long time. It has never been used but the sun has faded the red paint alot. Looking up the specs on the CRG60 shows it weighs 297 pounds. With that said do you think a 60" land plane is too much for a 1025? Looking on other forums I found several that own them and are happy. Obviously the Frontier is more money, its new and heavier and has green paint. The bush hog is the cheap way out. I'm in the SW Michigan so I don't have any real hills to contend with. Looking for thoughts

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    Depending on how much cheaper the Bush Hog is....

    A couple cans of paint will make it green. A few cinder blocks (or something else) placed appropriately will add the weight.
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    Its all preference

    I use a 60" Wood's grading scraper just fine. Its a little on the heavy side but the 3pt will bypass before any damage is done. It will work my 1025r pretty good if its wet but the cutting blades are so shallow that it doesn't really stall like a box blade would. A grading scraper vs a land plane I'm pretty sure is just the scarfiers. It is nice having them even with cutting blades so they tear before blades cut. I like the Woods one too because the sides can be adjusted for cut depth and replaced if need be along with the blades. I've done a couple modifications to mine but generally they are easy to use.
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    I'd suggest considering a couple of ideas....

    1. A land plane (manufactured) that has a blade orientation like the one shown below to aid in leveling the surface quickly:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    2. Consider a homemade one. I built this one, based on a design we used to use to leveling walnut orchards for harvesting. It looks primitive, but works well. The concept is that the center blade "pivots" up and down, allowing the front or back box to fill or release dirt to get to a "level" state. You can drag it behind any tractor without a lot of power. An angle iron blade attached to a 1x12" is plenty strong. I built mine for about $125.00 in materials (wood/angle iron, bolts, chain).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good luck!
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    Like the other fellow, I pull a 60" behind my 1026R. I can it bog down, but only if it's absolutely full and I'm doing the steepest part of my drive uphill (over 15 degrees, steep enough you don't want to mow that part sideways unless you know it). I think it's the perfect size for a 1 series.
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    Jeep, I bought a Frontier LP 1184 only because it was TOO good of a deal to pass up. I have a 1025R and just for kicks I thought I'd give it a try on my 1000' of gravel drive. I was able to pull it but occasionally it would become too full of gravel and stall me. I was able to overcome this riding the three point lever and slightly raising when I felt the tractor was going to bog. Again, not an idea thing but I really just wanted to see if the land plane was all it's hyped to be. Short answer, it is! i am currently looking for a 60" now for my 1025R and I don't think you'll have any trouble pulling one. I agree with coal above, get the cheap red one. The gravel beats the paint off these things anyway.
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