375 backhoe bucket
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    375 backhoe bucket

    I have a 375 (not 375a) backhoe on my cabbed 3520 with a 24 inch bucket. I would like to order a narrower bucket (preferably 8 -10 inches) for trenching purposes but cannot find them anywhere. Anyone have any ideas or no of 3rd party companies that make such a thing? I have to think someone does...

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    Here are the part numbers, that will help with your searching. I don't know of any aftermarket ones available-but there could be somewhere.

    21 BM19557 Backhoe Bucket 1 9"
    BM19558 Backhoe Bucket 1 13"
    BM19559 Backhoe Bucket 1 16"
    BM19560 Backhoe Bucket 1 20"
    BM19561 Backhoe Bucket 1 24"
    BM19562 Backhoe Bucket 1 36"

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    I am doing the same thing. I ordered a 9" bucket to swap out my 18" bucket on my 385a backhoe. The dealer is going to do the initial swap for me but I'll want to go back and forth depending on the job at hand. My 18" makes a mess when doing a narrow drainage trench. Does anyone have any experience at how much work it is to swap buckets back and forth. I'm assuming it is a 20 minute job each time but could be way off too.

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    It appears that the bucket swap is the same (essentially) as on my 46 BH. The pins holding the bucket are “kept” by pins that are held in place by a bolt and nut thru the adjacent flange member.

    To swap the buckets one must undo 4 bolt and nut combos, remove (sometimes drive out) the keeper pins and then remove the pins, usually drifting them out with a non marring punch in my case. Mounting the other bucket is the reverse but is somewhat complicated by trying to line up the holes in the bucket and the dipper while keeping the washer/shims in place then refastening the keeper pins and bolts. Oh and don’t forget everything is covered in and filled with dirty grease : At least a 15-20 minute job, even with practice but worth it IMHO for the use of the other bucket.

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