Looking for teeth for the front loader
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Thread: Looking for teeth for the front loader

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    Looking for teeth for the front loader

    So Saturday I’ll pick up my new to me 2520 and it looks like someone had already drilled the front of the bucket on the loader, is there a company that sells bolt on teeth for it? I have some dirt that has recently been backfilled and graded by my walk out basement which I want to move so I want some more bite for it.

    Also I know there is someone’s name I see tossed around for some bolt on hook points, anyone care to remind me of that?

    For reference if you look at the loader in the pic you’ll see the holes already drilled
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    I'll take a stab at this...

    To me, it looks like there's a single row of bolt holes. I'd bet that there used to be a bolt-on cutting edge bolted to the underside of that bucket.

    I have seen bolt-on bucket teeth shanks, but typically there are 2 holes for each shank, and usually on much bigger equipment.

    Maybe you'll want to look at a couple of possibilities, something like the Piranha tooth bar.. BXpanded Piranha Toothbar

    Or .... Heavyhitch's tooth bar... https://heavyhitch.com/product-category/toothbars/

    Check out Ken's Bolt on Grab Hooks.... Ken's Bolt on Grab Hooks <<Home>>

    Good luck!!
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    There are a few options for teeth out there. I would ask your friend's father what was on there. Rather than buy the wrong teeth and have to drill new holes you would be better off trying to match up what it was drilled for.
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    The Heavy Hitch tooth bar does not require drilling thru the bucket. It is durable as all Hell however.
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    The yellow deere dealer by me (heavy equipment, not ag) had weld on bucket teeth in stock. I used the smallest ones, I think from a mini excavator. Welded 6 of them to my bucket. They work amazing. Then ended up buying a new bucket as well so I can have the flat cutting edge, though I still use the tooth bucket far more often.
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    I'm very i mpressed with my Heavy Hitch tooth bar Ken's bolt on hooks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sennister View Post
    There are a few options for teeth out there. I would ask your friend's father what was on there. Rather than buy the wrong teeth and have to drill new holes you would be better off trying to match up what it was drilled for.
    This is what I'd do first. Find out what was there and then let these guys know. The guy might have taken off what was there for a reason (ie - it didn't work). So if you let this crew know that "he had a Wang Chung tooth bar on the bucket", someone will have probably had experience with it and can say "that's good stuff - buy one to fit the holes" or "you don't want that thing within 10 feet of your tractor!".

    And, maybe he still has what it was drilled for in his garage and just forgot about it. Never hurts to ask.

    You've had that tractor less than a week and you're already looking to buy stuff for it!! Oh, man! You ALREADY got it bad!! You are going to fit in well around here!!
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    I just added the Piranha tooth bar and I AM IMPRESSED. My 1026R was ok at digging now it's pretty aggressive. Still does a good job back dragging.

    Early 2012 1026R with H120 and 60" auto connect MMM

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    I have the piranha and I'm very impressed with it.
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    As posted, you don't want to bolt individual teeth to your bucket. A bolt on tooth bar is the way to go. The majority of them have just 2 mounting points through the side of the bucket. IMO, you can get a decent tooth bar for just about half the price of the Heavy Hitch tooth bar. My.02
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