Snowblower discharge chute actuator location quandary
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Thread: Snowblower discharge chute actuator location quandary

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    Snowblower discharge chute actuator location quandary

    I'm in the final stages of buying the goodies to install a linear actuator for the discharge chute. (I have hyd for the rotation) As I was about to hit the buy button I was thinking in what location should I install it. Should it be along the side where the factory holes are already pre-drilled or make my own brackets and mount it on the top. There seems to be a lot of them mounted on the side, but was wondering if there has been any binding or side loading issues conpared to the top where all the loading is in a staight line in relation to the outlet spout. Maybe I'm over thinking the process?
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    Your over thinking it IMHO. Your are just moving the tiny spout deflector, no worries of side loading the LA.
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    I too believe you may be overthinking it here. As long as you do not tighten the nut located on the opposite side of where the actuator is should have no problems with load. The nut I am speaking of, is a nylon insert lock nut and allows it to tighten on the bolt but allow clearance between the deflector portion and the tube of your snow blower.

    If you do decide to buy and install, it would be nice to see your pics.
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    Yup, over thinking your design. But, with that said, the only time you would potentially have a problem with this design is if, and only if you freeze up the chute. You then could easily side load your chute but, just make sure you actuator isn't that powerful to bend things up. Now, after that being said, the chances of you freezing up your chute enough to do damage is minimal. So, side mount that actuator and post the pics.
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    I put mine on the side and used the existing holes.

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