Best Method To Add Weight To Three Point Disc?
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Thread: Best Method To Add Weight To Three Point Disc?

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    Best Method To Add Weight To Three Point Disc?

    As is often discussed, the weight per disc of a three point style disc harrow isn't nearly as much as a pull behind. What have you found to be an effective way to add weight and keep it in place?
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    Concrete culvert sections. They weigh a lot and the round shape stays put pretty well on its own, then added a single strap each.

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    I considered a milk crate with 4" solid cap blocks in it but didn't find the need, my Frontier's cut pretty good.
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    Lead ingots.

    Water in a barrel.

    Old used grader cutting edges, usually free.

    Go purchase used cast suitcase weights off of craigslist.

    Junk iron.
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    I've seen railroad rails/iron being used. Looks like a fairly clean install. As far as fastening, it depends on the frame of the disc, but I would use some type of a clamping to the frame method.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0877.jpg 
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    Don't know how big your disc is but this is how I do it when I want to cut deeper. I take the blocks off if I just want to get the top inch or 2 to tighten the ground up. That's 2 solid cement blocks on each side.
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    I used to use two five-gallon buckets (green of course) filled with concrete mix (Sakrete) on Frontier 1066 harrows. The concrete buckets weighed about 90 lbs. each and I attached them with ratchet straps. The extra weight over-stressed the harrows, which are not heavy duty at all, and caused some of the steel brackets to bend.

    Sold those when I purchased the 4066R tractor and bought a set of Brown harrows that weigh 1,100 lbs. Don't need to add weight to those; they are super heavy duty and have cut anything I have pulled them across.
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