land leveler-grader-planer and a JD 455
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Thread: land leveler-grader-planer and a JD 455

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    land leveler-grader-planer and a JD 455

    I inherited my father's 455 and am looking to upgrade the cat 0 3pt to a cat 1 using Ruegg MFG parts so I can purchase a few other attachments (receiver hitch, boom pole, dirt scoop). I would also like to get a land leveler-grader-planer. I am considering:

    Land shark 48":
    King Kutter 60":

    My question is can the 455 handle pulling these attachments or am I dreaming bigger than my tractor will allow? Id hate to invest ~1k in a leveler and then find out. Id appreciate any advice you guys can provide since I cant ask the original owner....

    Thanks in advance.

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    Urus, you might, maybe, sort of, kinda' be able to pull the 48" but in my mind, I think that even the 48" land plane is going to stall your forward motion once it fills with dirt and/or gravel. Congrats on the 455. Those are some stout machines.
    joe white

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    Having owned a couple of 455s, I would echo Joe's comments. I did do a lot of landscaping with the 455s, however. I'd start with the tiller, which did a great job of loosening the soil. I'd then utilize a tow behind landscape rake, not a 3-point, to rough-in the grading and shaping. I'd finish up with a garden rake and a #2 shovel. If I was really trying to cut down a particular area, I may had to make a couple passes with the tiller and landscape rake, in succession.

    You may want to PM the 455 owner in this thread about landscape rake operation behind his 455. I ultimately purchased the same landscape rake, but not until I had the 1025Rs:

    Ruegg 3 point hitch - - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information

    You may also want to ask Bill Ruegg if he has resolved some design issues with his 3-point. The last unit I purchased from him was a later design and when fully up, the rockshaft arm would hit the rear PTO selector, preventing it from being actuated. Another fellow on the MTF forum, Rockcrawler, had an issue with the upper link hitting the rear seat pan denting it. Bill resolved my issue my sending me an old version of his 3-point that a customer had returned.

    See post #12, in this thread:

    3 Point Help Needed - - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information
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    I am thinking a 48 inch land plane will be fine behind the 455. I use a 60 inch behind my 3025e. Granted it's a much bigger tractor size wise but it's only 25hp so not much more than a 455. Not sure what the difference in torque is though. Anyways, the landplane will let rocks/dirt flow over it unlike a box blade. The only time my tractor has struggled with my land plane is when I am trying to level out wet clay, then it gets pretty clumpy etc.

    People use box blades all the time behind garden tractors so I see no reason why a land plane wouldn't work, they scrape less rock/dirt on each pass than a box blade, you just have to be smart about it. Land planes are great for driveways and for doing final work on a yard. If you need to move a lot of dirt then a box blade is better in my opinion. I have all three attachments but my box blade is a Cat 0. I used to use my land scape rake a lot but I have not since I purchased the land plane. The land scape rake will do a fine job but I like to use mine for debris and then I will back with the land plane for final grade. I never use my box blade anymore, mostly because it's for my 400 and I am not very good at using it anyways. So it sits.

    One of the things to consider is how much weight can a 455 three point lift? That may answer your land plane question since they can be fairly heavy.
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