Should I buy this 260 backhoe?
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Thread: Should I buy this 260 backhoe?

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    Should I buy this 260 backhoe?

    There is a 260 backhoe for sale near me for 3,500. It doesn't come with the subframe or power beyond kit though. Is it still worth buying seeing that I need to buy and install the parts or am I better off getting one new. It looks new he said he only used it one time.
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    The Power beyond not being part of the deal, I understand but why not the sub-frame. That part is expensive. I would price out all the parts needed to make it work and then see if it's a deal compared to new. Make sure you can still get the sub frame from a dealer.
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    There's more to adding a backhoe to a 1023/1025 that's never had one. The sub-frame & power beyond you already mentioned. Also need a swivel seat, toolbox bracket (or delete), PTO shield (or modify the stock one...not really recommended). I think the tail lights have brackets that raise them up some (mine does), but not really sure if that's 100% necessary. I think there are if you use the toolbox bracket that moves it to the side.

    I'd check with your dealer on what their "package" price would be and all it would include. By the time you bought that $3500 BH and then added all the other stuff, especially the seat, your dealer might be in the ballpark. And you'd have a warrenty to boot.
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    With the above points already said-and well said. The question I would have for the seller who only used it one time is “where is the subframe and the PB?” If he’s selling the 260 he has no real use for the subframe in particular though the PB might have other uses... I’d look really hard at getting them from the seller-at least the subframe!
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