54” Quick Hitch Blower Parts List
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Thread: 54” Quick Hitch Blower Parts List

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    54” Quick Hitch Blower Parts List

    I picked up a large rock from my neighbors driveway during the last storm of the season. I bent the corner of the auger gear box plate. I’d like to order a new plate and screws along with whatever I need for a gasket. Does anyone have part numbers for these. It is a 2015 used with my 1025r.
    Here is a pic of the damaged plate.
    Thank you!
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    I think you will be disappointed to find that JD does not have any individual parts for those gear boxes. You are not the first person to peel the corner over like that.

    On the previous design of the gear box (with the oil check on the side) the front cover fit flush with no exposed edges. The later design like yours has the oil check on the cover. These covers stick out beyond the gear box. As a result, the very tip of the auger rides VERY close to the edge of the gear box cover and if a small stone gets wedged in there it will peel the corner right over.

    Below are some examples that others have posted:

    The previous gear box style is shown below.

    Your only recourse is to remove the cover and beat it back straight with a hammer and then use some RTV to re-seal it. As for the screws (dang they are rusty), if you feel the need to replace them you could always remove one, measure the diameter, length and thread pitch and then get a generic replacement. It shouldn't be too hard as I'm sure they are standard sized metric bolts.

    I would be tempted to grind a bit off the inner auger tip to allow for more rock clearance.
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