Just grabbed a TCS carry all
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Thread: Just grabbed a TCS carry all

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    Just grabbed a TCS carry all

    Just grabbed a carry all from TSC. Forgot I wanted one of these from seeing other members on here threads where they built them out. I had to pay full price since I didnít have time to find or get a coupon

    Now to figure out how I wanna build mine. I usually like to over think things. We shall see. Iíve done a search on here but everyone just made it 1 carry all. Which are VERY nice. Iím just looking to make it a little more versatile.

    The ideas rolling in my head is to basically use it more like rear forks. And make more than one carry all. Either building out of pallets or simple slapping some 2xís together depending on the situation. .
    I know I want to make
    - one for a 15 gallon sprayer I have. It last me a few months when full and donít wanna have to take it on and off.
    -one to say carry lots of mulch, rocks, etc with a back door that opens to rake out what i need While keep the front loader free. Or just to go around picking up fallen sticks
    -something like a few memebers on here made to carry stuff like weed eaters, chainsaws etc.
    - one for weight

    Basically Iím lazy and I dont wanna have to unload a lot of this to grab a lot of that

    This thing sure doesnít come off that ground that high with the little 1025 lol.
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