1025r backhoe grease fittings
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Thread: 1025r backhoe grease fittings

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    1025r backhoe grease fittings

    I am going to order a Lock & Lube for my backhoe. But my backhoe is setting on a dolly up in the shop. Does anybody know if the regular Lock & Lube can reach all of the fittings or should I get the XL?

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    I have 2 grease guns with moly grease for the backhoe. One gun (pneumatic) has the short lock n lube fitting on it and it works great. The other gun (manual lever) has a right angle fitting on it. There's a zerk on the bottom end of the structure where the boom connects to the operator station. It's covered by a bunch of hydraulic hoses, and it's easiest to get a right angle fitting in there. I think I used it one other place as well, but I don't put the backhoe into the position prescribed by the diagram on the backhoe for greasing. With these 2 guns, I can get everything without that extra step.

    I recently purchased the longer lock n lube fitting for one of my non-moly grease guns. I intend to use it for that tough zerk on the main drive shaft. I may have to enlarge the access hole to get in there with it, but I'm tired of undressing the front end of the tractor to get to that one zerk.
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