Purchased new Gen 2 2025R a couple months ago. Did not want and still do not want MMM but been thinking a 3 point grooming mower might be nice to have. Think I can mow about 90% of my house yard and 99% of the area around my deer camp trailers. Have a Frontier RC2060 for the rough cutting at the deer property. I have located a GM1060R at a Deere dealer that is lightly used. Its a 2015 model sold new May 2017 and used once or twice. I have looked under it and see little signs of much use and it still has most of the green paint on underside. All the wheels and rollers show little sign of use as well. There is a blister on the side skirt about the size of a 50 cent coin where something must have been hit while mowing. Dealer has agreed to check blades and spindles for damage if it did hit something while mowing and to fix if needed. It has the I-Match conversion kit, chain guards and anti scalping roller already installed. This mower is made by Woods and they sell it as the Woods PRD60 I have talked the dealer down to $2450.00 out the door delivered to and checked out on my tractor to make sure everything is correct for my 2025R. What use it had was on a 1025R according to dealer.

What is you guys opinions on this type mower and do you think this is a decent price?