Buying a 3025e questions about finish mower?
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Thread: Buying a 3025e questions about finish mower?

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    Buying a 3025e questions about finish mower?

    Hey fellas new to the site have read posts before and after watching some tractor time with Tim videos I decided this would be best place to find out what I want to know. We have 20 acres and horses and hope to add on the acreage as it becomes available. I have grown up around equipment and farming my whole life but have decided we need a compact tractor around our place and the Mrs. is on board. So currently at my place I have a John Deere 2510 1963 vintage and this is what I use for a majority of chores including mowing my yard. I also have a John Deere 70 diesel and a John Deere g but they don’t get used for much. Anyway with a busy work schedule and the kids and wife not being very confortable or seasoned to running the 2510 I end up always having to do the mowing for the yard and horse pastures. I also do not have a loader so end up borrowing the neighbors bobcat or backhoe. So I have decided on the 3025e I want to stay away from emissions stuff and it appears that it will run a 5’ brush hog. My question is with my finish mower I have a 6’ Woods that I like a lot will the 3025e handle it fine? We have some hilly ground. My thoughts are with this machine our daughter (14) can use it for cleaning stalls, and mowing her pastures once taught up on the dangers of a brush hog, and my wife and son will be able to help mow the grass. Over all I think it will be super handy to have around the place and I always have the bigger tractors if I get into a serious project.
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    I have 25 acres and i have have a 3025E and i think you will be more than pleased with it. I think it will run the 6' finish mower just fine, depending on how tall you let the grass get before cutting it, and also how short you like to cut it.

    I only have a 48" rotary cutter on mine, but i can cut grass taller than the hood of the tractor with ease, and can cut decent sized saplings and brush, so i would think just cutting normal grass with the 6' finish mower will be fine.

    You will really enjoy the loader. I have found that it is able to do almost everything i ask it, just make sure you have plenty of ballast because the loader is way too strong for how heavy the machine comes from the factory. You can very easily get your rear tires off the ground if you do not have the proper ballast.

    I have had zero issues so far and i am at 195 hours. Great machine, and very easy to maintain so far.

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    The 3025E is rated at 19.5 hp for the PTO. If the finish mower requires less than that I do not see why it won't handle it. I use my PTO to run a PHD 300 and it has no issues. The three point will certainly lift the finish mower without an issue. I think you will like the tractor, especially if you stepping up from some vintage iron. I have a 3 series for 18 acres, but most of mine are woods so I use my FEL a lot since I have a grapple to help manage my woods. It has come in quite handy with debris clean up from Hurricane Florence.

    Good luck with your purchase.
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    Welcome to GTT JohnDeereJimOhio.
    My rule of thumb is AT LEAST 3 hp per foot at the PTO. 5 hp/ft is much nicer.
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    I have no doubts the 3025e will handle the 72” RFM.

    However, if you are mowing something that should probably be baled, it is likely going to struggle.

    Mine is approaching 2 years and 100 hours, it has been a solid machine.

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