Rear PTO drive shaft length
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Thread: Rear PTO drive shaft length

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    Rear PTO drive shaft length

    Ok guys. I'm fairly new to tractors and attachments so I'm hoping someone will help me out. I recently bought a used John Deere rear mounted 54" snowblower and I have an imatch on the back. The guy I bought the blower from had it mounted to a BX. I am pretty sure I will need a longer drive shaft for it. I would assume that everyone with this set up would use the same length drive shaft. So my question is, what is the length that I need? Can I find one this length or will I need to cut it? Are the rear PTO drive shafts the same as far as fitting the tractor? Are there any brands in particular to avoid? Thanks for your help!
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    You just might get lucky and find one that is the right length, probably not though. You can do a preliminary measurement to know which length to buy, make sure if anything it is a little long and measure and cut.

    PTO driveline length?
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    You'll likely need to cut the driveshaft. The link within a link, that PJR832 provided and originated by Everything Attachments (EA), is probably the best "how to" on determining/cutting driveshaft length I've ever seen.

    Most farm supply stores stock driveshafts. You'll need to pay attention to the diameters and spline configuration of the mating shafts on your snowblower and tractor, as there are a number of different combinations. You'll also probably want to run through the first portion of the EA YouTube video to establish the length required, before you shop for the driveshaft.
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    If the shaft you have is too short, you may not need to buy a new shaft. If you have a local machine/fabrication shop, you can take it to them and they can replace the actual shaft part of the driveshaft. I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and we have such a shop and I hat a PTO shaft that was too short, and they replaced the shaft part. Very cheap, too. A dealer might be able to do this also.
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    Best way is to measure what you need,you may have to cut it.Make sure you get the right type.
    Search Results | Agri Supply
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    If your shaft is too short you can usually find an extension that will work. The one for my tiller was sized for my tractor before I got a quick-hitch and was too short when I started using the QH but one of these fixed the problem without having to buy a new shaft.

    PTO Extender
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    Have you tried the shaft that came with the blower? It might actually work OK. The BX isn't that much different size-wise than your 1025R is it?

    Push the shaft so that it's as short as possible. Mount it to your tractor and then measure again. Somewhere online you should be able to find what an "acceptable overlap" of the two ends. If you need "more overlap" (ie - shaft is too short), consider removing your iMatch for the winter. That will give you about 4" or so. The PTO extender linked to above is also a good way to get an extra 3" or 4".

    I've purchased 2 used PTO driven implements. I didn't have to get a different shaft for either of them. When I bought my last chipper, it came with a brand new shaft that I did need to cut down. It was kind of nerve wracking doing that. Measure 6 times, cut once.

    (Also, please put your tractor type in your signature line - I had to go back to one of your first forum posts to see what kind of tractor you had since you didn't mention it in this thread. Wanted to know what you had to compare it to the BX you mentioned.)
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