Best Attachment for Clearing Snow From Sidewalks?
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Thread: Best Attachment for Clearing Snow From Sidewalks?

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    Best Attachment for Clearing Snow From Sidewalks?

    I have about 1800' of sidewalk to maintain in a residential subdivision. I have a 425 with 54" blade and 46" single stage snow blower, but purchased a 2032R this Spring and am hoping to use that this winter. Any recommendations for the best attachment that doesn't break the bank? I would really like the 59" front mount snow blower but $7K isn't in my budget. I've looked at loader mounted plows, three point snow blowers, and the 366 frame mount plow. My fear with a blade on the loader is that I can't use anything that will push the tractor sideways as there's nowhere to go. Also, some of the sidewalk is lots that are in between other peoples' property, so plowing in general is not great as if I have a big pile in front of my blade at the end of my property line I'm going to end up pushing it into the neighbor's sidewalk/driveway. A V plow would be better than a straight plow as it would let me split it both ways so it didn't push me one way or the other, but not really any good options available there. The three point snow blower could also be challenging as I'd have little or no wiggle room, I'd have to back perfectly down the middle of the sidewalk as having to make large corrections would bury the front wheels in the snow I just passed and end up knocking a bunch back into the sidewalk.

    Any suggestions? Right now my best option seems to be to use the 425, but it's hard to get back on that after using the 2032r. I have kept the 425 so far for smaller mowing and for clearing snow on the pond, I'm a little less concerned if that was to go through the ice.

    I attached a picture that shows what I mean about sidewalk being between other lots. The red is what I have to take care of.
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    Have you considered a broom for sidewalk snow removal?
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    I do commercial snow removal (church’s, condos and businesses). Total we clear over 20km of sidewalks. Plus stairs and driveways. I’ve used just about every piece of equipment and attachments but my go to is my 1025r.

    I do find I use the broom most as it gives the best clean. Depending on size of sidewalk (average here is 4’) a large Plow over 60” will damage lawns depending how and where you can push it. I have the 54” blade which is used in larger snow falls. I made 18” blade extensions on it for when I do driveways or small parking lots.

    If you can do a broom I’d say it will give the best final clean even if it requires another pass on your way back which I’m sure you’ll have to do. The broom could also see the most use outside of snow as for lawn dethatching and general cleaning up.
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    Use one of these,, and get your exercise at the same time,,,

    It typically only costs less than $1,000,,,
    Some of the tractors include JD 4105, JD 855, JD 650,,,, and,,, the IH 584 4WD
    My favorite attachment is the homemade landplane,,, EVERYONE needs one of those!!

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    I had a 51 Broom on my 455. No doubt, it will get the sidewalk clean. My complaints with the broom was that if I ran the broom into a snow bank just a bit. I'd snap a sheer bolt. Like wise, if it was more than a couple of inches Iwas trying to clean, I'd snap sheer bolts. I'm gathering the newer brooms must be a bit different and not prone to this, as there are many posts where members are moving more snow. The 51 broom went with one of the 455s and I haven't replaced it and have no intention to.

    Another plus to a 51 Broom is there always seem to be several on Craig's List, some like new, at pretty good prices.

    What I utilize on sidewalks and stairs now is a Stihl backpack leaf blower. As long as I get to it before people walk on it, it gets the sidewalks and stairs as clean or cleaner than the 51 broom. It is also much quicker. The drawback with the leaf blower is the amount of snow it will move. An inch, maybe an 1.5 inches is about it.
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    I would Just stick with the 425 and 46inch single stage. My Blower tractor for this year Is MY X748. Last year I used the 1025R. Should Have used the X748 as I had a terrible designed Cab(Seizmik) on the 1025R. I now Have a 2025R But No Cab right now for it. I will use a Loader Mounted Blade On the 2025R and Because I have a OTC Cab for the X748 I will mount the 47inch Blower On it. I purposely use Both Machines! The 2025R for the driveway and the X748 for the sidewalks as the 2025R is just to big for the area the sidewalks are in also don't want to end Up In the Pond which I might do using the 2025R to clear the sidewalks such a Narrow strip of Land On the one side between the Pond and the sidewalk. Once I have a Cab for the 2025R I will Probably use it as the Blower tractor and Just use a GX335 with 48inch Blade for the sidewalks or the X748 with 45 Loader with Edge Tamers

    But really the 425 size Tractors are Perfect for snow removal on side walks especially with your restrictions.
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    Isn't the snow plow, snow blower, front quick hitch, and hydraulic lift/angle the same on the 425/445/455, the X-Series, and 1023/1025/1026. I think you can just put that plow onto the 1025R if you buy the proper bracket for the front?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedals2Paddles View Post
    Isn't the snow plow, snow blower, front quick hitch, and hydraulic lift/angle the same on the 425/445/455, the X-Series, and 1023/1025/1026. I think you can just put that plow onto the 1025R if you buy the proper bracket for the front?
    His other tractor is a 2032, not a 1025.
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