Finish mower size
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Thread: Finish mower size

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    Finish mower size

    Can anyone here tell me if a 1025 is capable of handling a 5' cut finish mower?
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    My SIL went from a 60 inch to a 72 inch behind the JD 855,, and it is perfect,,

    He is very happy with the extra foot of cut,,
    I had the 72" mower, so there was no financial risk for him to try it,,

    The JD 855 has about the same engine HP your tractor,,,
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    Some of the tractors include JD 4105, JD 855, JD 650,,,, and,,, the IH 584 4WD
    My favorite attachment is the homemade landplane,,, EVERYONE needs one of those!!

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    Most 60" finish mowers I've seen only have about a 15HP minimum requirement. I'm sure you could even get away with a 72" mower as long as you weren't trying to cut thick, wet grass.
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    As posted, I feel you will be fine with a 60"!
    Greg from western pa

    2009 2520
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    You will be fine with a 60" A few recommendations from someone who has had one since 92. I have a 72 inch Landpride AT2572, buy a quality unit and a rear discharge. The rear discharge were developed after I bought mine and I often thought about getting one.
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    I use a Caroni 59" estate mower w/rear discharge behind our 1025R pretty often. No problems. I use it mainly for doing the development road margins, the x394 is easier to use for our yard with all the plantings borders & low clearance tree limbs.
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    I'm running a Frontier GM1072E, ( 6 foot ) rear discharge. Works just fine with my 1025R.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwizz View Post
    Can anyone here tell me if a 1025 is capable of handling a 5' cut finish mower?
    The 60" mmm is an option for the machine so it certainly won't be a problem. The rear PTO is operating at a different speed than the front PTO which runs the MMM, but the machine is easily capable of cutting with the 60" finish. As DrifterBike said, buy quality and make sure it's something you can get parts for down the road.

    I run a RC2048 rear brush mower and routinely have cut stuff as tall as the cab roof with it. That's extreme so you have to take it slow as stuff 7' feet tall has some volume to it and takes a lot of effort to chop it down and cut it up.

    Just make sure to keep the radiator screen and grille clean from the dust and chaff from some of the mowing conditions and you will be able to mow till it's time to add more fuel.

    Make sure to be careful when engaging and disengaging the mower. While most finish mowers that width will have 3 blades and likely a deck belt with drive pulleys, just start and stop the PTO with the tractor at a lower RPM, above idle and below PTO operating speed. Don't get the tractor up to WOT and engage the PTO or shut it off at WOT either as its hard on the PTO clutch.

    Good luck
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    1025R with Mauser Cab
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwizz View Post
    Can anyone here tell me if a 1025 is capable of handling a 5' cut finish mower?
    My 1026r has a 60” mmm deck on it. No problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwizz View Post
    Can anyone here tell me if a 1025 is capable of handling a 5' cut finish mower?
    I ran a 60" farmking for two season's on my 1023E and it handled it easily, so the 25R will have no problem whatsoever.
    2014 1023E - R4 Tires - H120 Loader - Ballast Box - Forward lighting kit with Artillian horse blinders - 48" Ratchet Rake Snow Edge - 42" HLA Forks
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