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Thread: Tiller oil

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    Tiller oil

    I am planning to get my new County Line tiller today. My plan is to do the surgery to reverse it, along with the final assembly. Itll be much easier to swap the box and tines around without the additional parts in the way and oil installed, then do the final assembly after. In the manual Tarter specifies filling the gear boxes with 80w-90 or 85w-140 (synthetic) OR 00 pourable grease. I guess to my way of thinking the grease "sounds" heavier, more protective but I know most people use the 80w-90. Im sure Im overthinking but this is brand new and a chance to start this machine off with the best options. What do yall use in your tiller gearboxes? TSC carries all of the above. Im keeping my fingers crossed that the County Line carry all can be convinced to reach high enough to pluck the pallet off the back of my trailer. If I have to I can ramp up a couple planks to raise the rear of the tractor a couple more inches off the ground, a sort of loading dock, and back the truck on to blocks, raising the front of the trailer/lowering the rear. Id rather do that than mess with backing the tractor ON to the trailer to pick it up. I am picking up a nice old JD 175 for my Moms lawn at the same time. That will be in the front of the trailer so the tiller can ride on the very tail and not cause it to sway, but hopefully be ablento be plucked off easily.

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    I use GL-5 80W-90 in all of my implement gearboxes.
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    80-90 in mine.
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    6' JD rear blade (tree find)

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