440R Loader weight
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Thread: 440R Loader weight

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    440R Loader weight

    I can't seem to find any reference numbers for the weight of the 440R loader. The heavy duty bucket shows at 310lbs, the tractor(4052R) 4,675lbs. Trying to figure the total so as to shop for a trailer(that I don't really need, but want).

    Thanks in advance

    Newbie Chris
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    I can't help with the weight exactly, but for the trailer I have one that fits perfectly and hauls it very nicely. It's 24' length, 7k axles. It has the wide "mega" ramps and a dove tail portion 4 foot long. So the tractor and loader fit on the 20' deck just right, and if I have in implement on it works over the ramps. I thought I had a picture of my tractor on that trailer, but I can't find it. I'll scrounge up a stock photo of the trailer if I can. I wouldn't go smaller than 2 7k axles and 20'. Once you ballast the tractor up to do work it gets heavier than the specs.

    Stock photo:

    Here's my 5055E on that trailer, and you can tell it was a little undersized for that tractor. It's perfect for the 4052R.

    That mower/tractor combo could get you unwanted attention for having stuff hanging off the trailer. I only did that once to relocate that mower a few miles before I got a smaller tractor. With the 4052R on that trailer and the heavy duty bucket flat on the deck the rear wheels are close to the same location and it pulls nice.
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